Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Dallas Is A Unique Place ! We Unite To Hate and Support Wrong,To Hell With Right or Wrong,Law of the Land.

I sat in a room of people ,who volunteer their service, in a Political party. A group of them are hell bent,on believing ,what they say or think is correct.One older man,two younger women have not been in the world long enough ,to know what to wear in public,making statements so far from truth that it hurts the ear.What shock me,the Older man, whom I have respected a long time,seems to think its OK, to take action, if members of the party agree,weather the action is right or wrong.I was taught to do what is right regardless to who proposes doing wrong. I see how everyday folk have lost faith in the System and casting a vote.We are reminded daily that most Politicians are voting their own wishes,and are out of touch with the people,really don't give a dam about our position on matters. The recent action taken against the Dallas County Election Administrator was wrong,not the fact that Election Commission did not have the authority to do so,the process was flawed.I now believe Judge Clay Jenkins was duped by Deputy dog,John Wiley Price,however Jenkins should have done his homework on the issue: Micheal Vick Animal rights groups, in and around Dallas hate Micheal Vick ,because of his involvement with the training of fighter Pitt bull dogs.I saw no direct evidence that Vick touched any dog,I saw photos of Dogs,law enforcement Officials say were hurt by Vick's crew.I read the prepared statement Vick read and answers given to Federal officials,I also know they prepare your script for Court.Needless to say what happen to the dog's was wrong and should not have happen.The purpose of prison confinement is to punish and time to rehabilitate your mind and soul.Under Vick's sentence guideline all that was taken into account , he is doing ,just as the Court instructed him ,as well as Martha Stewart.I know his crime was worse, living animals were involved.It is what It is,he's out of jail doing what Judge required: Dwain Caraway represents the Citizens of District 4 ,they support his giving key to Vick, as a Thank You for speaking to our Young People.When and if Caraway becomes Mayor for 90 day his actions will be on behalf of all of Dallas.I'm sure he will Lead accordingly. Animal Lovers I wonder how people can eat fried chicken,knowing this little animal was running around a yard someplace,eating and drinking water.How do we walk into butcher shop and pick steak and pork chops with full knowledge that these animals were alive,and we see the blood in the cold box.I look at men on TV getting ready for the deer hunt,when they shoot these innocent animal they look them in the face,the birds are trying to fly to freedom and shot down,rabbits chased with dogs and shot down,then skinned and cooked.How about the beautiful fish that swim in our lakes minding their own business we track them with devices find their nesting bed and go in for the kill. Do any of you dog lovers care about these animals?Do you care about the many Pitt bulls put out on the streets in Dallas by bad owners that are euthanized daily at the Dallas Animal shelter,or is your love for Mel,Vick's adopted dog,just the Vick dog,he mean so much more to you.You hate Vick because he plays football for a living,blame that talent on God,
he was the giver not man.

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