Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What Will It Take, Dallas Black People ? Will It Take Death? Who's?

Dallas Southern Blacks,how long will you allow Commissioner John Wiley Price ,to miss-represent us? We all know,what the Commissioner did yesterday was Wrong.It was not proper decorum for a public meeting,in a public building.The people speaking had as much right to be there as any other Tax payer.John Price has been on that Court 26 years,he chose to run for elective office,if he's tired of being there he needs to leave.Price is paid over a $100,000 to work full time in the business of Dallas County. John Price did not hear what Attorney Turner said,then did not know meaning of word,made up racist meaning. John knows RACE card draw support from Black people when, he is wrong.Price had no legitimate reason for doing what he did. Commissioner Price marched in front of former Mayor Ron Kirks house,calling him names,walked with double side sign board,calling former City manager John Ware an Oreo cookie,called out on KKDA radio ,Fort Worth Blacks are handkerchief heads.Marched in front of Mayor Millers home calling her Bitch.Made name plate,Judge Foster Grump sat it on Court table in front of Judge Foster. Voters of District 3 we have allowed all of this to go on, while being paid with our Tax dollars. During Black History Month the year of a Black President,Dallas has a County
elected Official shouting at citizens saying "your White,Go To Hell" This man is out of control and should be out of Office.

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