Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Chief Brown goes to City Hall !

I am always happy to see a person move up and around in a government job because the more you learn the higher you can go. I am not sure if Mary knows what she has in Chief Brown as interim assistant City manager. Chief Brown is a very hard working City employee who worked to earn the respect that people have for him. He is no nonsense and treats everyone the same. He does not talk out of both sides of his mouth and it does not hurt that he is from Dallas, Texas.

Once upon a time and Sharon Boyd will remember this when the City, DISD and others were hiring their interoffice Black professional employee Dallas Black professional could not get the jobs. The powers that be during that time always wanted an imported Black. I have not figured that out just yet, sure was not because of smarts, the Federal government hired some but these other people could not see it.
Levi Davis was one of them he turned out to be very good, Richard Knight, Harry Jones and lots of others were good hires.

Back to Chief Brown Code enforcement will get cleaned up and working now under Brown in fact every department under his direction will become efficient I, had signed up to speak today at City Council about code enforcement but respect for Brown made me cancel I know my concern will be corrected. Congratulation Chief Brown and Happy Holiday to your lovely wife and beautiful daughter.

T.O. Thats My Boy ! Pray for the Sean Taylor

I attended the Dallas Cowboy game last Sunday and to see T.O. in person reminds me of the good old Cowboy days in the cotton bowl. The young man is BAD !

It is hard to be happy for your team when another team has lost such a young smart man. I am praying for the Taylor family.

The young college player shot down at Big T last week has just put me down. What are we going to do in our Communities to stop this madness. The Black on Black crime is taking our young men to the grave or jail.
We must stop this gun happy mentality. Someone needs to figure out what we need to do and we need to do it.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Councilwoman Vonciel Jones Hill ! Such A Flake!

I learn doing the City Council campaign just how deceitful Vonciel Jones Hill was. Prior to the campaign I had respect for her, didn't know much about her but what I knew was OK.
During the campaign I heard her tell lies and she knew they were lies one time at KHVN I ask her during the break how she as a Pastor could lie and sleep at night? Robert Ashly had ask her about her arrest in Atlanta she said she could not remember her charge, but she forgot I knew because we had been to the Dallas News and she told them.She just looked at me. Another time she fail to say she had worked for Dallas County and was fired by a group of Lawyers after she left the City. She had put on her literature she retired from the City but she knew she was fired and that was not the first time, she had been fired from the City before. I am saying this so you know why I write about her, I told her that I would keep the public informed every time she lied or tried to miss lead them. I'm keeping that promise.
Councilwoman Hill sent out a mailing at taxpayers expense on what she accomplished during her first 100 days in office. I will have the mailer posted so you can see it. The Councilwoman is paid $37,000.00 per year to work but she put
attending the Council Retreat as an accomplishment, attending budget meetings , committee assignment, River of Trade coalition, Urban League banquet, met with constituents, Congressional Black Caucus, Taught Court Education(was paid for that)
has nothing to do with City. Added two litter crews to budget big deal. The woman
thinks we are all crazy or she is that shallow that she does not know any better.
What ever the case it is sad for District 5.People getting killed, stores closing,vacant housed and drug houses ,18 wheelers driving up Redbird Lane and more and this woman has identified as an accomplishment speaking at J.L. Turner Legal Association of which she is a member. If she is not doing anything she should not use city postage to tell people about her Social Calander.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Trinity River Vote Is Over ! Let It Go !

The Trinity River campaign was the ugliest campaign since Strong Mayor. People took this vote so personal that it has created permanent enemies Oh how sad for Dallas. This was not a life or death issue. No one is dead today because of this vote. Dallas we must find a way to disagree and still come together. Council woman Hunt has been called demoniac and Mayor Tom Leppart has been called evil just because they believed different on a public works issue. Other Cities have this type contest and join together at the end of the night and announce their willingness to work for the good of the Citizen they represent , but not Dallas. We need a little more Love in our hearts. I hope some healing will come for the entire City. Mayor Leppart
is doing his job, like it or not.

Federal Judge Information

Write to Judge Barbara M.G. Lynn and protest the sealing of records containing name of other people involved in City Hall scandal. If they were involved the Community needs to know.

U.S. District Court
1100 Commerce
Dallas, Texas 75202