Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Congress Woman Johnson Please Stop Talking !

There is something wrong with EBJ to walk into that Editorial Board and feel good enough to change her whole story about breaking rules is just crazy.What is it about this woman that she does not realize people know she is telling a LIE ? To make matters worse this woman really believes people in her District are so dumb that we believe her and support her doing wrong. Congresswoman Johnson will most likely be re elected but people in this district cannot stand to talk about this woman.It is a very bad feeling to know you must vote for this woman who betrayed you and every Kid in district 30, if you support President Obama's program.If I could trust Rev.Broaden I would vote for him but he is on record talking about the President and he will fight every single program the President suggest.I don't like all of President Obama's proposals but I take the good with the bad as I have with all Presidents.Is this woman on pain pills or something? Ms. Johnson you are not all that,and not the sharpest knife in drawer and we do know what good work you've done in the past but we also what you have done now,and we don't know how long you have been doing this type of thing so please don't hold your head up so high,your community is very,very,very angry with you .When you take from the least of thee and Kids people are not so forgiving.

Southwest Airlines acquire Air Tran Airways What's Next?

Southwest Airlines acquire Air Tran The recent announcement by Southwest and its plans to acquire Air Tran Airlines is the number one reason I was against the repeal of the Wright Amendment.The Wright amendment was introduced as a result of then Intro State Southwest Airlines suing the City of Dallas. DFW Airport has grown because of the Wright Amendment and businesses and people have migrated to North Texas as a result of its growth.DFW Airport is the single most important financial engine for this Region. Repeal of the Wright Amendment has the potential of reducing DFW to the equivalent of one of the two medium Airports in Dallas Forth Worth as Houston Hobby and George Bush Intercontinental. AirTran leaving DFW moving to Love Field with its 628,000 passengers for the past 12 months and adding traffic to a already crowed Lemmon/Mockinbird area can not be good for anyone but Southwest Airlines. Southwest has an option to leave AirTran at DFW however with Southwest paying such a low landing fee to City of Dallas $1.35 vs.$ 7.20 I don't think they will. All the emotions surrounding the Wright Amendment repeal and promise of low fares competition and other ghost stories has materialized.The only thing that has happen is the City of Dallas is building a $60 million new terminal,Southwest is buying other Airlines,Air Fare on Southwest has not gone down and DFW has lost 22,000 passengers and will lose another 628,000 at least after the acquisition. I hope all the people who were driven by emotion and not by economic data will now realize nothing out grows its birth.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hinojosa Will Not Respect All His Bosses! That's Foolish !

Dr.Hinojosa has really disappointed me.I supported him from jump street.I believed that being from Dallas,part of DISD and Mother and Father living here made for a stable good man.Hispanic culture has strong family tradition and what family says and thinks makes a difference.I am not sure why he hired those incompetent staff early on,or why he waived his district rules for them.I'm not sure why he felt he had to let Scovall continue to run the district the support for Dr.H was strong enough he could have walked on water.Lowe got his way and delivered to the business community all that construction money and built all those beautiful windowless empty schools,while ours have third generation portables on campus. Why beg him to stay? Lowe and Flores and Bingham will be the cheerleaders for contract extension,I say renew in 2012 he has already had one activity on his contract.

It Only Takes One Family Member To Ruin Your Business!

I've been a customer of a certain Beauty Academy for years since it open. Never had on problem with any staff,student or management.I really like the Owned and instructor also they know hair.I went in the other day and had a disagreement with a young new staff member,the student working on me ask her a question that she did not know the answer standing there she made up an answer I knew what she said was not accurate so I said that does not make sense she proceeded to speak to me like I was 6 years old.I got up and told the student I could not sit there and be spoken to in that manner.The instructor stopped me and resolved the issue. I went back Sat. had put last week behind me ,I walked back and saw the young lady I spoke she rolled her eyes and did not speak.Young people who don't understand customer relations should not be placed in a relatives business without being told it's difference how you are treated at home and work. The first day she told me I should leave,her problem solving skill was limited to leave the business,if that is all she knows her Family members business will be closed soon. I hope it works out because the Owner is a wonderful woman who has worked hard to maintain a good business.I will continue to pray for them.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Maybe It's Me ?

I've been seeing and hearing strange things from people lately.I wonder if its my age or just changing times.I will let you decide. I went into a Nail shop in the hood where I live,Kathy Nealy was there receiving service,I spoke and took my seat did not hear Kathy speak but this is America people are free to do as they please.While Kathy and I were being served Katie Richie came into shop she spoke to Kathy who was one chair over from me,she did not speak to me.Finally I said hi Katie,she replied"Kathy is in here and she's my best friend and when she's in here she gets all my attention" I just smiled this lady sold me the custom draperies in my home,I casually said,I still have the drapes you put in my house 25 years ago,cleaned them and still good.In my mind I was giving this woman a compliment on her work just making small talk.The grown woman said to me "you can take them down". I sat there and wondered how a grown business woman, old as black pepper could be that twisted.I paid this woman and my door piece never made it to my front door window,but I never said anything.I see why we have moved so slowly in the business.We allow silliness to cause rudeness, we play church sitting there every Sunday morning and by noon the Devil has us on evil train wrecking everything in our path. How will kids learn anything with these grown people 50 Plus don't know when to grow up.I will say Kathy has some fine kids and beautiful grounded grand kids.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thanks Marvin Crenshaw-14-1 Does Work!

Thanks Marvin and Roy I lived to see 14-1 work.I had gotten so disappointed time and time again in the single member districts being used against the interest of the people,I disliked the system. I now have seen it work for the good of the people.

I will VOTE November 3rd for Eddie Bernice Johnson Congressional District 30

I have lost sleep with the daily revelation of the activities surrounding the CBC scholarship program.First I was shocked with the statements made by the Congresswoman concerning her constituents and lack of qualified applicants,her constituents would not care who she gives 1,000 or 1,200 grants per year to. Many other issues have given me great pause during these past weeks. I know now for the benefit of my Country and District 30, I must vote for Congresswoman Johnson.President Obama's agenda set forth for the good of all Americans cannot be completed without Congresswoman Johnson.In good faith of America, I can not turn my back on the President of the United States of America. I also believe Congresswoman Johnson has been taught a lesson by this event higher power intervene as the teacher.The Congresswoman for her own well being and health, should take these next two years in congress to finish out any unfinished business,help groom someone to run and win District 30 for the next season relax,live and enjoy the remainder of her life in peace and good fortune. I wish Congresswoman Johnson well,I will never be OK with what happen, but for the Greater good of America ,I will move on put this episode behind and support district 30 Congresswoman.I am asking the Voters of District to Vote for Congresswoman Johnson on November 2,2010.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Chicago Mayor Daley Politician with A BRAIN !

Mayor Richard M Daley is a man with a brain,he knows that occupying an elective office is not a lifetime job. Term limit means your term is up. People who must run for office every time term ends should think about term end means you. Mayor Daley knows there are people smart or smarter than he and can move the city as good or better than he. Mayor Daley said "that every person especially public officials,must understand when it's time to move on","he and his family now begin a new phase of their lives". I wonder if public officials in Dallas have other lives,or is their ego so big that in their hearts no one can do the job but them.Is it the power that make them lie,cheat and steal to stay in public office? Lue Blackburn married new wife wonderful home in Grand Prairie want voters in his district to believe he lives in that dark musty house in Cedar Crest while his wife sleeps in her house,same thing terry Hodge did for 14 years see where she is now.People seem to think breaking the rule and not getting caught makes it alright in the long run it always comes back one way or the other.Most people in prison contrary to what some think are first offenders .One bad crime , sentenced to life,been good all their lives never a parking ticket but life, no consideration for being good 40 years that's life. Congress woman Johnson wants a pass because of what she has done in the past,it was the job she signed onto being sworn into office.When you break the rules of your job you simply should have known better.

Black Caucus Scholarship Information Couldn't Get Any Worse!

Just when I thought it couldn't get worse,it has.The latest information has fax copy of letter sent from EBJ's Dallas office to BCF asking for checks made to her grandsons and nephews to be reissued payable in their names not school which is another violations.I spoke with a staff person from the Congresswoman's campaign today I told him the continued stories about the incident was making voters madder than the money.The young man started to tell me how the News story was slanted,I stopped him,I said look no one has tried to hurt Eddie and you all need to stop with the blame game and everyone is wrong but us.I told him most of us.that have been around for a while know how arrogant and nose in the air Eddie is.How she has hired and fired staff and mistreated them for years,we just accepted that as a character flow and as long as she did the job it was in the back of our minds.Kay Baily Hutchinson has same problem she even has hits her staff.Somethings wrong with those old women good ,I never work for one of them.We believed EBJ to be honest,I remember when she did have financial problems long time ago and various people helped her. I don't know how that is,it was well before the concession contracts and probably why she tried to have some business venture to help pay her bills and raise her son.I never believed she would take from the poor to help make her living and if this latest information is true,it would appear someone had paid the school and the money was being replaced or used for something else.What ever the case she is wrong as two left shoes and nothing can make it right.She has had a long career in Congress 17 years.It was not free work in fact its not service its a job for pay.The voters give you a job paying $100,000 plus for representing us and issues that effect us and when you betray us all else is forgotten. The Voters did not betray Eddie she betrayed us.I told her staffer all she should say is "I'm sorry thank you for calling".I have not read or heard all her responses however I don't recall hearing her say,I'm sorry to the constituents of district 30.