Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Black Caucus Scholarship Information Couldn't Get Any Worse!

Just when I thought it couldn't get worse,it has.The latest information has fax copy of letter sent from EBJ's Dallas office to BCF asking for checks made to her grandsons and nephews to be reissued payable in their names not school which is another violations.I spoke with a staff person from the Congresswoman's campaign today I told him the continued stories about the incident was making voters madder than the money.The young man started to tell me how the News story was slanted,I stopped him,I said look no one has tried to hurt Eddie and you all need to stop with the blame game and everyone is wrong but us.I told him most of us.that have been around for a while know how arrogant and nose in the air Eddie is.How she has hired and fired staff and mistreated them for years,we just accepted that as a character flow and as long as she did the job it was in the back of our minds.Kay Baily Hutchinson has same problem she even has hits her staff.Somethings wrong with those old women good ,I never work for one of them.We believed EBJ to be honest,I remember when she did have financial problems long time ago and various people helped her. I don't know how that is,it was well before the concession contracts and probably why she tried to have some business venture to help pay her bills and raise her son.I never believed she would take from the poor to help make her living and if this latest information is true,it would appear someone had paid the school and the money was being replaced or used for something else.What ever the case she is wrong as two left shoes and nothing can make it right.She has had a long career in Congress 17 years.It was not free work in fact its not service its a job for pay.The voters give you a job paying $100,000 plus for representing us and issues that effect us and when you betray us all else is forgotten. The Voters did not betray Eddie she betrayed us.I told her staffer all she should say is "I'm sorry thank you for calling".I have not read or heard all her responses however I don't recall hearing her say,I'm sorry to the constituents of district 30.

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