Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hinojosa Will Not Respect All His Bosses! That's Foolish !

Dr.Hinojosa has really disappointed me.I supported him from jump street.I believed that being from Dallas,part of DISD and Mother and Father living here made for a stable good man.Hispanic culture has strong family tradition and what family says and thinks makes a difference.I am not sure why he hired those incompetent staff early on,or why he waived his district rules for them.I'm not sure why he felt he had to let Scovall continue to run the district the support for Dr.H was strong enough he could have walked on water.Lowe got his way and delivered to the business community all that construction money and built all those beautiful windowless empty schools,while ours have third generation portables on campus. Why beg him to stay? Lowe and Flores and Bingham will be the cheerleaders for contract extension,I say renew in 2012 he has already had one activity on his contract.

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