Monday, September 20, 2010

Maybe It's Me ?

I've been seeing and hearing strange things from people lately.I wonder if its my age or just changing times.I will let you decide. I went into a Nail shop in the hood where I live,Kathy Nealy was there receiving service,I spoke and took my seat did not hear Kathy speak but this is America people are free to do as they please.While Kathy and I were being served Katie Richie came into shop she spoke to Kathy who was one chair over from me,she did not speak to me.Finally I said hi Katie,she replied"Kathy is in here and she's my best friend and when she's in here she gets all my attention" I just smiled this lady sold me the custom draperies in my home,I casually said,I still have the drapes you put in my house 25 years ago,cleaned them and still good.In my mind I was giving this woman a compliment on her work just making small talk.The grown woman said to me "you can take them down". I sat there and wondered how a grown business woman, old as black pepper could be that twisted.I paid this woman and my door piece never made it to my front door window,but I never said anything.I see why we have moved so slowly in the business.We allow silliness to cause rudeness, we play church sitting there every Sunday morning and by noon the Devil has us on evil train wrecking everything in our path. How will kids learn anything with these grown people 50 Plus don't know when to grow up.I will say Kathy has some fine kids and beautiful grounded grand kids.

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