Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It Only Takes One Family Member To Ruin Your Business!

I've been a customer of a certain Beauty Academy for years since it open. Never had on problem with any staff,student or management.I really like the Owned and instructor also they know hair.I went in the other day and had a disagreement with a young new staff member,the student working on me ask her a question that she did not know the answer standing there she made up an answer I knew what she said was not accurate so I said that does not make sense she proceeded to speak to me like I was 6 years old.I got up and told the student I could not sit there and be spoken to in that manner.The instructor stopped me and resolved the issue. I went back Sat. had put last week behind me ,I walked back and saw the young lady I spoke she rolled her eyes and did not speak.Young people who don't understand customer relations should not be placed in a relatives business without being told it's difference how you are treated at home and work. The first day she told me I should leave,her problem solving skill was limited to leave the business,if that is all she knows her Family members business will be closed soon. I hope it works out because the Owner is a wonderful woman who has worked hard to maintain a good business.I will continue to pray for them.

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