Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Chicago Mayor Daley Politician with A BRAIN !

Mayor Richard M Daley is a man with a brain,he knows that occupying an elective office is not a lifetime job. Term limit means your term is up. People who must run for office every time term ends should think about term end means you. Mayor Daley knows there are people smart or smarter than he and can move the city as good or better than he. Mayor Daley said "that every person especially public officials,must understand when it's time to move on","he and his family now begin a new phase of their lives". I wonder if public officials in Dallas have other lives,or is their ego so big that in their hearts no one can do the job but them.Is it the power that make them lie,cheat and steal to stay in public office? Lue Blackburn married new wife wonderful home in Grand Prairie want voters in his district to believe he lives in that dark musty house in Cedar Crest while his wife sleeps in her house,same thing terry Hodge did for 14 years see where she is now.People seem to think breaking the rule and not getting caught makes it alright in the long run it always comes back one way or the other.Most people in prison contrary to what some think are first offenders .One bad crime , sentenced to life,been good all their lives never a parking ticket but life, no consideration for being good 40 years that's life. Congress woman Johnson wants a pass because of what she has done in the past,it was the job she signed onto being sworn into office.When you break the rules of your job you simply should have known better.

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