Sunday, February 28, 2010

Update,My Dog Being Shot,DPD Investigation?

First,let me make myself clear,I support Dallas Police Department and Dallas Fire Department.I only expect them to do their job's fair and without any political pressure to favor one party over another. There is a fine line between a good Officer and a not so good Officer,and it has nothing to do with training,it's all in the Common sense factor. As in "if it does not make sense,it's not true".Two DPD Defectives came to my home to investigate my complaint against my neighbor for shooting my dog,one Black and one Hispanic, they came to the conclusion,without speaking to any witness,looking at the crime sense,looking at the distance from the back door of her home,to where the shooting occurred,where her workers truck was parked,dog would have had to walk pass workers truck to enter her yard, and be shot where he was,depression of grass on ground with blood,clearly shows dog was already in a down position when he was shot,shot with small 22 or 25 callable gun, which means she was at close range to dog,when shot.History of lying to Police and animal control Officers.This woman shot my dog and called Police to report shooting as if she shot a burglar,she called to get her story in first,she knows DPD will believe her Drama, first,and she has this sick thinking that she can do wrong,just tell your story first and you have the upper hand.The report ,the Detectives read,said she shot the dog because,she was protecting her workers,a grown man with pick up truck about 15 feet from where he was pouring cement,and she was in fear of her life and her family's life. Now what is missing from this report is,what the dog was doing,what you witness the dog doing that would cause you to fear for your life,did he chase you ,did he even bark or react to you in any way,did your worker fear for his life,could he have got into his truck until police or animal control arrived? Did you see dog then go into your house and retrieve gun and come back out?The State law says it is a crime to discharge a gum in the City limits of a city,so we know she committed that crime and the neighbor on the other side who heard the shooting,told the Officers he wanted to file on her,his statement is nowhere to be found,State law also says,Penal code 42.092 A3,8, and B 1,2,6,its a crime to injury or kill non livestock,dog and etc,on a persons property if they are not damaging property.Animal cruelty law says to must be in danger from said attack animal.My dog was doing nothing but trying to find his way home,a puppy that accidentally got out of a fence ,that a tree limb broke because of the storm,I nor my Son knew the dog could get out,our other neighbor saw the dog he walked up to him and did not bark or anything,my auto gate was closed and he could not get back in.I do not want any special favor from DPD or anyone,I want an investigation of animal cruelty,because I know she ,waited for an opportunity to shot my dog, she told me she would shot my little house(poodle) dog if he came into her yard,so this was premeditated.I know it is my responsibility to keep my dogs in my yard,I have three fences,every time one gets out I build another fence,my poodles love finding escape routs when they go outside.In this neighborhood if we see a dog out we call the owner and tell them or we bring the dog in until they come home,never have we had a neighbor who act like this,she has never called me and said my dog was out or in her yard.
If after an investigation the Police say,it is not,I will be satisfied,until than I won't.This woman runs a retail Tax service in her home,cars all day long,that is not what home business means,this woman built a room and poured cement without permit,she has ruin the peaceful integrity of our neighborhood.But somehow DPD keeps giving her a break,because she took Para legal course at El Centro,where she illegally use the NCIC system.Vick went to Pen,a Dallas man is in Pen for 8 years this woman at home waiting to shot my other dog.
I hope that this Lady will take her action serious,before she shoot me or my Son,I wonder how DPD will explain that.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Again Texas ,Appear Racist and Foolish,On National TV !

Today on Judge Judy Court show, a young Black man,clean record never arrested or in trouble was suing a young white female student for false arrest and return of bond money.It seems the young woman lost her cat,the Black guy found the cat and kept it for two days, because he does not like cats he called and ask one of his Friends if they wanted the cat,they said yes.He gave the cat to the Friend.

Fourteen days later,a note was taped to the door of the Flower shop were he worked,looking for a lost cat with phone no.on note.The young man who found the cat,called the woman just to inform her that the cat was alive and safe,and that he had given it to someone else.The young woman ask for phone number of people who had cat,the guy said no,but I will call them and tell them you want the cat back.The friend said no, we are attached to it,he told this to the young lady,she than went and filed a thief case on the Young man knowing full and well the cat was not stolen.What happen next is a New one even for me.
The Lewisville DA went and picked up the cat,delivered it to the young Lady three days later, Lewsville police arrest young man and charge him with Thief of the cat,he stayed in jail 22 hours and spent $1000.00 on Bond.Charges were dropped later.
Only in Texas would a Black Man doing a good deed,saving a cat,finding it a home,contacting owner,notifying of his condition and where abouts,being charged with thief because new family did not want to give cat up after 14 days in their home,be arrested after cat returned to original owner, who lost it in first place. Texas looked like backwater buffoons,the young White woman looked even worse as Judge Judy spoke about the Police,DA and the Justice system in the Lewisville area.Judge Judy was correct,and people wonder why, Texas such a bad name in other parts of USA.Look at how we treat people especial minorities in this State.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Join Me,in Supporting The Following Democrat Candidates.

Please Vote in the upcoming Election: We need good numbers as in the last primary.

Governor=Bill White
Lt.Governor= Ronnie Earle
State Rep.Dist.100= ERICK JOHNSON

County Judge= Foster
County Clerk= John Warren
District Clerk- Gary Fitzsimmons
County Commissioner Pct.4= Elba Garcia

Justice of Peace Pct.1= Thomas Jones
Justice of Peace Pct 3 Place 2= George Foreman
Justice of Peace Pct.4 Place 1= Norris Rideaux
Constable Pct.1= Derrick Evans , investigation shows he just needs training on personnel procedures.
Constable Pct. 5= Beth Villarreal

Martin Hoffman = 68Th
Dale Tillery= 134Th
Davey Lamb= 203Th
David Hanchen= 254Th- this man stopped fraud child support claims.
Mark Sloltz= 265Th
Susan Hawk= 291th- this Judge started diversions for woman with problems.
William A. Mazur Jr.= 304Th
Probate Court 1= Brenda Hull Thompson

All other I have no recommendation. Please vote, Pct.3536 voted 999 in Presidential primary,let's double that for our local Officials.

Betty Culbreath Precinct Chair,3536 .VOTE,VOTE,Vote til you're Satisfied!

I Will Seek Help From DA Watkins!

Since DPD did not file a criminal complaint against my neighbor for shooting my dog,and the other neighbor ask to file a, discharge of firearm in a residential area,
a few feet from the golf course ,nothing has been done.
Micheal Vick was convicted and jailed,here in Dallas another man received 8 years in prison, but this woman can select a dog and just shoot him and nothing happens, but Dallas city staff plays along with her game.I will direct file tomorrow with DA Watkins, a felony animal cruelty charge.
Tonight Fox 4 aired a case of a dog being stabbed in Kaufman,police are investigating it, in Dallas you can admit you shot Betty Culbreath's ,Son dog and nothing is done.

Bishop Larry McGriff Service

Bishop Larry McGriff's Home going Service

Friday February 26,2010

IBOC 12:00 Noon
Westmoreland @ Wheatland

Viewing of Body Thursday
7AM until 10PM
Bishop McGriff's Church

City Tax Dollars Wasted ,Political Authority Abused!

I told you Sat. my neighbor shot my Son's dog.I filed a report with DPD to pursue a criminal charge ,of Animal cruelty, much to my surprise I was told today the report was filed as an incident.Not criminal.
Well as I was sitting in my home office window ,looking at the snow,a City Rapid Response van drove up,parking across the street in front of another neighbors home,then a white Code Compliance vehicle drove up.I went on about my business,wondering what they were doing at Erick's house ,since he had no animals.45 minutes later,my door bell rang,three people from Animal control,two had badges and I think maybe guns, the other had been here before and knew the history of the crazy neighbor,the tall supervisor wanted to see the dog,I though they were here to help me on the shooting.
We were out back when they said the Doctor needed to enter my auto gate,I said Doctor,they said yes,the Vet needed to examine the dog.I knew than someone had filed a complaint against me.Can you believe this fool who shot my dog,called the City on me and reported animal abuse.When did the City of Dallas hire enough Vet's that one can make house calls. The staff must follow orders and I hold no ill feeling towards them, but I do know that my safety and my family safety is in danger.Any time a person can become this obsessed with another person ,and that obsession has turned on to a dog,and manifest itself into picking up a gun and shooting , a helpless dog laying on the ground ,with no escape and no aggression ,almost 100 yards from your back door,poses no danger to you are your family, you are deranged enough to shot a person.It seems she has some leverage at City Hall,she shot my dog and did not call animal control until after the shooting,today she had Rapid response,Supervisors,Vet
and all to check on dog for animal abuse,saying he got no care.Big lie.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dallas Black Officials Stop ,Embarrassing Us and Yourselves,and President Obama

Would you so called Leaders, please stop the madness.You are the laughing stock of America. The senseless statements you make about various political races, the stupid
stunts you pull,everyone knows what you are doing and what its all about.You want someone to take you serious,but your action speak volumes about what you are not doing for your community.There are some on the city Council who are working hard,but being fought by others.
I don't want anyone who has been in office five years are more to say another word about the Southern sector,your time for doing something has passed and nothing is being done. You have helped your self, made all kinds of deals to benifit wealthy people and left you community behind.You have used your power to stop progress if you don't like the people involved,dam the good of the project,you kill it for bull shit reasons. I am so sick of what you all have become,no one could have prepared me for what has happen in our community, and now you want to reinvent yourselves and start meeting asking agencies what they are doing for Black people.What the hell are Black people doing about Black people.Where are the Black organizations plane's full of supplies for Haiti?If you don't change your way God will punish you, if its not to late.God have mercy on Our Souls.

My Neighbor,Shot My Son's Dog, Because She Hates Me!

I have lived in my house 25 years,I love my neighborhood and until three years ago,had never experienced any problem with any neighbor. Sub prime lending and the fact the new Methodist Bishop did not want to live in the Southern Sector,brought into the neighborhood ,a trailer park ,foil paper on window,leave you Christmas lights up year around,ladder sitting up in front yard for weeks,built room closing in patio without pulling permit,trash all over back yard fool.The woman thinks she moved into
Highland Park,but lives as if she is still in the swamp land where she resided before.
This woman shot my Son's dog ,because the storm had knocked a tree on our dog run,the dog was able to get out,we were both gone and the Coward used that opportunity to kill the dog.She says he got into her yard,yet she had an opportunity to go inside,call 911 if 311 was to slow,but she didn't call them until after she shot the dog,dog was not aggressive at all, he was a happy puppy,would lay down to have his head rubbed.
I have been in Court with this woman about another dog,when she tried to sue me,when her dog and my dog had a fight,she lost the case,since then my life has been hell living next to Satan herself.The dog in that legal action has been gone 2 years,two years,since then I have only had my two little poodles,they got out several times and went across her yard before I could get them back in,she put two signs in her yard saying"Betty Culbreath Keep Your Dogs Out Of My Yard,the rain got those,so she had a professional sign printed on both sides with same wording.This sign was to harass me,it was painted on both sides my house only face one side.
As I drove up to my home this evening,I saw all the police cars,animal control cars,other neighbors out side,one said, she shot your Sons dog,I could not believe this kind sweet dog was shot, and they could not find him,the blood was there but he had run after being shot,it was dark and the Country club lawn is dark and large.We could not get medical treatment because we still have not found him.
I will file animal cruelty on this woman,and prosecute her to the fullest.She had many options before shooting my Son's dog.If a man got 8 years for animal cruelty,this one should get 10 years,hers was premeditated.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Update, Bishop McGriff has Passed.

Bishop Larry McGriff has passed away a few moments ago. Bishop will be missed.Bishop was so real and faithful, he just got married and they were so happy and enjoying life. God has his time for every Season. I saw Bishop and Dr.Hollie-McGriff at a dinner just a few weeks ago, we sat together during pre dinner chat,they were delightful to be with.

God be with Bishop McGriff.

Men please, when you suffer from headache please go for medical advice,no matter how
minor you think it is.A constant headache is a sign of some sort of illness.Could be blood pressure,sinus,toothache,blood clot in head,nerve damage or a little bit of everything,please have it checked,stop by Fire Station get blood pressure check.Do it for Bishop McGriff, do it for your self.

Let's Pray Mighty Prayer for Bishop Larry McGriff, Now!

Deputy Mayor Dwain Caraway, just notified me that Bishop McGriff is in Baylor Hospital intensive care unit ,fighting for his life.I have been in that very same room, fighting for my life and God pulled me out.
We all need to Pray ,right now for Bishop McGriff ,and have faith that God will intervene.Call on everyone and all power you posses for the healing of Bishop McGriff's health.
Pray for comfort and faith for his new wife,Dr. Karen Hollie-McGriff.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Never Dreamed, Jim Foster and Maurine Dickey Would Be Leaders!

If you read the article on Dallas County Commissioners Court meeting,yesterday I'm sure you are as confused as I am. The Court one week ago voted to allow the Constable to keep a drug sniffing dog, at no expense to the County,but liability.
Yesterday the vote changed with Cantrell giving so silly reason,and John Price changed his vote three time,saying he had more to worry about than a dog, never mind the majority of people in jail from District 3 are drug related, ME sees hundreds of drug related deaths each year, auto accidents,overdose,murder and etc.,what takes the cake is Mayfield voting against the dog, because the Deputy trained of said dog, filed and won a lawsuit against the County.I expected more from Commissioner Mayfield.maybe he's drinking from the same cup as John Price.What a tragedy that elected Officials, would put their personal feelings above what is good or useful to the Community at large.Drugs are the number one problem in this County,and these three people can see no further than,their feelings.What a wast of tax money on them.
Jim Foster and Maurine Dickey are the only two people working down there for the people and by the law. Who would have though It!

Never Dreamed, Jim Foster and Maurine Dickey Would Be Leaders!

Never Dreamed, Jim Foster and Maurine Dickey Would Be Leaders!

Wonder Why It's So Cold ? White Washington DC!

Well back in the day, a Friend said , White people for 200+ years said " It Will Be A
Cold Day In Hell, When A Black Man Becomes President". Welcome to a cold day in DC and hell. Enjoy the weather.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Mayor's , As A Veteran Super Bowl Traveler, I Have Never Witness, Uniform Police Officers All Over The Place.

I don't normally talk about my travels ,or what I enjoy in my personal life,but Super Bowl 2011 will be a great opportunity for North Texas to show the World,there is more to Dallas than tall buildings and Jr's office building.Jerry Jones and the City of Arlington have done their part,now Dallas,Forth Worth and Irving must pull off the biggest Party in their lifetime.
My first Super Bowl was in New Orleans Jan.20,1978,Tulane Stadium,Dallas vs.Denver Broncos,it was the coldest day of my life.The temperature must have been 20 degrees in that open stadium,it was so cold we left our seats and stood under the bleachers.
My friend Evelyn Johnson had a friend who was not using his tickets and sold them to me,not having gone before ,had no idea there would be no hotels available without reservation,well we got there, and stayed in a hot sheet motel, very last room in the area or sleep in car.
Well now ,Super Bowl is an Event, not just a game,hotels book rooms for 4 days , none less,the official party starts on Thursday,Cowboy stadium is the largest stadium,so we will have 100,000 people with tickets,most of those go to Corporate sponsors,the teams,all NFL teams get tickets and the remainder put in lottery by NFL.We can expect 100,000 ticket people 125,000 non ticket party people,100,000 local come in for fun,NFL experience and other family activities scheduled by major Corporation.The NFL Experience is like this NBA Jam, still trying to figure why they call it Jam.It a very good activity and well attended,there is the Media Hotel where, they broadcast and interview Celebrities and people wanting to get a look at Stars ,normally walk around meeting and greet them. It's just fun. Most Big Shots fly in ,get into Limo to hotel,to events back to hotel and etc.They are not the ones on the street spending money and enjoying all the people stuff.They are in and Out see you next year.I was a VIP once at Super Bowl in Atlanta, my goodness,I didn't know people lived so good,every hour was planned, and went off like clock work.Dallas just needs to calm down and please don't think you need Police in riot gear on the street.I have never witness any real disturbance at a Bowl, just maybe people a little drunk,there probably have been some ,but I never saw them. In Arizona I learned about former Chief Click, I ask his police officers on the street ,directing traffic, they gave him high mark,I came back and shared that with City Manager. Arizona was spread out also,traffic was a little slow,San Diego was great,Miami always good,Jacksonville Florida to small,beautiful City but small for SB,Atlanta was good one year ice and snow not so good.I hope our weather is good,bad weather can ruin it for regular people who enjoy the walking activities and other free fun.I'm not sure where the NFL headquarter hotel will be, normally its a Hyatt
I haven't heard yet,there is lots of traffic there,and people watchers.
If its planned correct we will have it again,because we have the best stadium for the capacity the NFL needs.If you are in business click on NFL site for oppertunities, they have them and now is the time to look. If you need information feel free to ask.

What Is Worst ? Sara Palin or Tea Party, Both = Perry

The John McCain monster,Sara Palin, can it be stopped. Tea Party a group of Twisted ,so called Conservative Republicans.
The Insurance Industry knew it need a large group of ill informed people ,they could pay to travel from City to City, and stir up opposition to Health Care reform, after President Obama's election.Governor Perry felt it was a good opportunity to tag onto ,the so called movement, no one knew just how Twisted these people were,Oh but they do now.
John McCain found out quick how uninformed Palin was and so did the Nation.If you saw her on the Oprah show,Sara acted as if Oprah was the best thing since Dixie crystal. Funny ,how she loves, liberal,Black Oprah Winfrey.
Tea Party convention attended by 600 people,Insurance cut off money , they only pay for rallies,not convention.Sure was a small group of reformers,all looked to be Medicare age, so they have public option insurance,paid by taxpayers, so they have no worries.
Rick Perry did not get elected by the Sara Palin,Tea Party groups, they did not even like him, he was not conservative enough. I supported Perry in the past ,but who ever he has become ,its just too much for an older voter.

Jackson Family Should Sit Their Broke Asses Down !

The Jackson family should sit their broke asses down.Katherine Jackson, I will give a pass, but the Others are all in the same boat.
This family has known MJ was using some type on drugs for a long time, yet when was an Intervention done, because of love? When was he close to his brothers, who have been jealous of him since early in in solo career. None of them tried to help him,why didn't Katherine seek legal help as Natlee Cole's mother did? MJ could have been saved or at least an attempt should have been made to help,but no they stood by and watched him kill himself and now they want to blame a Third party, to
relieve themselves of guilt.The drug he used were deep sleep medicine,often use pre surgery,during or pain.It does not make you high,it puts you deep under as in sleep,a few moments after getting the shot,you talk a little and your speech is slurred then its sleep.MJ was escaping reality or something,because there are no dreams,no waking up until the medicine releases you.

When a person only trust one family member,in a family of that size, it tells you something about the family. MJ trusted his legal advisers with his kid and money.He trusted him mother to raise them and care for them as he would, not one sister.He named Diana Ross(DWI)and all second person in line after his mother.

Michael is dead, Dr. Murray is suffering enough,that man was not trying to kill Jackson,he should not be on trial at all.The Dr. is on trial because of the name Jackson, what a waste of time and money.People die in hospitals every day from the same condition and its simply a accidental medical doses. Lord Help Us,when will it all end?

Thursday, February 04, 2010

How Long , Do First Last ? Time for Changing Of The Guard!

I was enjoying a light conversation, with a Sorority Sister,she ask me, How Long Do First Last? I had never though about it in those terms. This young lady started to name, First ,in Dallas that are still First.
Eddie Bernice first, Black Congresswoman,John Price first, Black County Commissioner, the entire Commissioners Court has changed except District 3.Royce West first,Black State Senator, how long do you hold Office, being the First.What point and time do you groom other young men and woman to follow in your foot step. Justice of Peace Cleo Steel retired and made room for a new JP, why can't the others follow suite.Many of them do good work, but how long is to long.Is it the power they crave,do they need a title to complete them? It's not the money because they make more on the side,than the salary pays.It cost to maintain two residences, in Austin,Washington,and Dallas.
I hope the one's who have other careers , will think about making room for new young smart people,the ones working for Dallas County can retire and enjoy their retirement and Social Security income and all the money they have saved from various
deals and consultant work.

Think about it, don't wait until the EMT's remove you from your desk,and see that drawer with the funny stuff in it.Retire or move up into another position and make room for someone else.Senator West is good at what he does,but I would like to see him as Attorney General,Governor or maybe US Senator.Justice of Peace Thomas Jones has worked hard, he can retire with full benifits. John Price has planty of every thing, he can just go home.

Think about it Gang,join me in beautiful retirement give someone else a chance to serve.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

How Stupid Can Democrats Be? If What I Heard Is True?

I just heard Democrat County Chair D.Ewing say, some Democratic Precinct Chairs are saying, "lets go ahead and elect Terri, then we can put who we want on the ballot", how silly is that.I have know Terri Hodge since we were in kindergarten St Peters Academy, and she is not that evil. For Democrat Precinct Chair's in District 100 to want a person not eligible to serve to win ,because they did not plead guilty prior to ballots being printed is just plain ignorant.

However,I knew it was going to happen, I wrote on DMN Ms.Floyd's blog, that I hoped the Democrat machine would not hold it against Erick Johnson, for entering the race prior to the guilty plea. I knew Monday, the plea was coming,Terri Hodge is no fool and she has always been a strong woman,and made a life and living for herself and Son. I admire her and the courage it took to take the deal.She put the public first,why don't the remainder of the Democrats take her lead and support Erick Johnson.Erick did nothing to Terri, he was in no way involved in anything harmful to Terri and has not campaigned on her problems with the law.
If the people so loyal to Terri had helped her along the way,just maybe this trouble would not exist.I am so sick of all these, Love You To Death, folk come running at the end, would show up in the beginning, we would all be better off.

I will do all I can for Erick,I will also visit Terri and send money,support her son and anything else until ,she is home or out of trouble.I hope to meet some of you others on my way there.