Monday, February 08, 2010

What Is Worst ? Sara Palin or Tea Party, Both = Perry

The John McCain monster,Sara Palin, can it be stopped. Tea Party a group of Twisted ,so called Conservative Republicans.
The Insurance Industry knew it need a large group of ill informed people ,they could pay to travel from City to City, and stir up opposition to Health Care reform, after President Obama's election.Governor Perry felt it was a good opportunity to tag onto ,the so called movement, no one knew just how Twisted these people were,Oh but they do now.
John McCain found out quick how uninformed Palin was and so did the Nation.If you saw her on the Oprah show,Sara acted as if Oprah was the best thing since Dixie crystal. Funny ,how she loves, liberal,Black Oprah Winfrey.
Tea Party convention attended by 600 people,Insurance cut off money , they only pay for rallies,not convention.Sure was a small group of reformers,all looked to be Medicare age, so they have public option insurance,paid by taxpayers, so they have no worries.
Rick Perry did not get elected by the Sara Palin,Tea Party groups, they did not even like him, he was not conservative enough. I supported Perry in the past ,but who ever he has become ,its just too much for an older voter.

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