Thursday, February 04, 2010

How Long , Do First Last ? Time for Changing Of The Guard!

I was enjoying a light conversation, with a Sorority Sister,she ask me, How Long Do First Last? I had never though about it in those terms. This young lady started to name, First ,in Dallas that are still First.
Eddie Bernice first, Black Congresswoman,John Price first, Black County Commissioner, the entire Commissioners Court has changed except District 3.Royce West first,Black State Senator, how long do you hold Office, being the First.What point and time do you groom other young men and woman to follow in your foot step. Justice of Peace Cleo Steel retired and made room for a new JP, why can't the others follow suite.Many of them do good work, but how long is to long.Is it the power they crave,do they need a title to complete them? It's not the money because they make more on the side,than the salary pays.It cost to maintain two residences, in Austin,Washington,and Dallas.
I hope the one's who have other careers , will think about making room for new young smart people,the ones working for Dallas County can retire and enjoy their retirement and Social Security income and all the money they have saved from various
deals and consultant work.

Think about it, don't wait until the EMT's remove you from your desk,and see that drawer with the funny stuff in it.Retire or move up into another position and make room for someone else.Senator West is good at what he does,but I would like to see him as Attorney General,Governor or maybe US Senator.Justice of Peace Thomas Jones has worked hard, he can retire with full benifits. John Price has planty of every thing, he can just go home.

Think about it Gang,join me in beautiful retirement give someone else a chance to serve.

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