Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Neighbor,Shot My Son's Dog, Because She Hates Me!

I have lived in my house 25 years,I love my neighborhood and until three years ago,had never experienced any problem with any neighbor. Sub prime lending and the fact the new Methodist Bishop did not want to live in the Southern Sector,brought into the neighborhood ,a trailer park ,foil paper on window,leave you Christmas lights up year around,ladder sitting up in front yard for weeks,built room closing in patio without pulling permit,trash all over back yard fool.The woman thinks she moved into
Highland Park,but lives as if she is still in the swamp land where she resided before.
This woman shot my Son's dog ,because the storm had knocked a tree on our dog run,the dog was able to get out,we were both gone and the Coward used that opportunity to kill the dog.She says he got into her yard,yet she had an opportunity to go inside,call 911 if 311 was to slow,but she didn't call them until after she shot the dog,dog was not aggressive at all, he was a happy puppy,would lay down to have his head rubbed.
I have been in Court with this woman about another dog,when she tried to sue me,when her dog and my dog had a fight,she lost the case,since then my life has been hell living next to Satan herself.The dog in that legal action has been gone 2 years,two years,since then I have only had my two little poodles,they got out several times and went across her yard before I could get them back in,she put two signs in her yard saying"Betty Culbreath Keep Your Dogs Out Of My Yard,the rain got those,so she had a professional sign printed on both sides with same wording.This sign was to harass me,it was painted on both sides my house only face one side.
As I drove up to my home this evening,I saw all the police cars,animal control cars,other neighbors out side,one said, she shot your Sons dog,I could not believe this kind sweet dog was shot, and they could not find him,the blood was there but he had run after being shot,it was dark and the Country club lawn is dark and large.We could not get medical treatment because we still have not found him.
I will file animal cruelty on this woman,and prosecute her to the fullest.She had many options before shooting my Son's dog.If a man got 8 years for animal cruelty,this one should get 10 years,hers was premeditated.

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