Thursday, February 18, 2010

Update, Bishop McGriff has Passed.

Bishop Larry McGriff has passed away a few moments ago. Bishop will be missed.Bishop was so real and faithful, he just got married and they were so happy and enjoying life. God has his time for every Season. I saw Bishop and Dr.Hollie-McGriff at a dinner just a few weeks ago, we sat together during pre dinner chat,they were delightful to be with.

God be with Bishop McGriff.

Men please, when you suffer from headache please go for medical advice,no matter how
minor you think it is.A constant headache is a sign of some sort of illness.Could be blood pressure,sinus,toothache,blood clot in head,nerve damage or a little bit of everything,please have it checked,stop by Fire Station get blood pressure check.Do it for Bishop McGriff, do it for your self.

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