Thursday, February 25, 2010

Again Texas ,Appear Racist and Foolish,On National TV !

Today on Judge Judy Court show, a young Black man,clean record never arrested or in trouble was suing a young white female student for false arrest and return of bond money.It seems the young woman lost her cat,the Black guy found the cat and kept it for two days, because he does not like cats he called and ask one of his Friends if they wanted the cat,they said yes.He gave the cat to the Friend.

Fourteen days later,a note was taped to the door of the Flower shop were he worked,looking for a lost cat with phone no.on note.The young man who found the cat,called the woman just to inform her that the cat was alive and safe,and that he had given it to someone else.The young woman ask for phone number of people who had cat,the guy said no,but I will call them and tell them you want the cat back.The friend said no, we are attached to it,he told this to the young lady,she than went and filed a thief case on the Young man knowing full and well the cat was not stolen.What happen next is a New one even for me.
The Lewisville DA went and picked up the cat,delivered it to the young Lady three days later, Lewsville police arrest young man and charge him with Thief of the cat,he stayed in jail 22 hours and spent $1000.00 on Bond.Charges were dropped later.
Only in Texas would a Black Man doing a good deed,saving a cat,finding it a home,contacting owner,notifying of his condition and where abouts,being charged with thief because new family did not want to give cat up after 14 days in their home,be arrested after cat returned to original owner, who lost it in first place. Texas looked like backwater buffoons,the young White woman looked even worse as Judge Judy spoke about the Police,DA and the Justice system in the Lewisville area.Judge Judy was correct,and people wonder why, Texas such a bad name in other parts of USA.Look at how we treat people especial minorities in this State.

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