Monday, February 08, 2010

Jackson Family Should Sit Their Broke Asses Down !

The Jackson family should sit their broke asses down.Katherine Jackson, I will give a pass, but the Others are all in the same boat.
This family has known MJ was using some type on drugs for a long time, yet when was an Intervention done, because of love? When was he close to his brothers, who have been jealous of him since early in in solo career. None of them tried to help him,why didn't Katherine seek legal help as Natlee Cole's mother did? MJ could have been saved or at least an attempt should have been made to help,but no they stood by and watched him kill himself and now they want to blame a Third party, to
relieve themselves of guilt.The drug he used were deep sleep medicine,often use pre surgery,during or pain.It does not make you high,it puts you deep under as in sleep,a few moments after getting the shot,you talk a little and your speech is slurred then its sleep.MJ was escaping reality or something,because there are no dreams,no waking up until the medicine releases you.

When a person only trust one family member,in a family of that size, it tells you something about the family. MJ trusted his legal advisers with his kid and money.He trusted him mother to raise them and care for them as he would, not one sister.He named Diana Ross(DWI)and all second person in line after his mother.

Michael is dead, Dr. Murray is suffering enough,that man was not trying to kill Jackson,he should not be on trial at all.The Dr. is on trial because of the name Jackson, what a waste of time and money.People die in hospitals every day from the same condition and its simply a accidental medical doses. Lord Help Us,when will it all end?

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