Sunday, February 28, 2010

Update,My Dog Being Shot,DPD Investigation?

First,let me make myself clear,I support Dallas Police Department and Dallas Fire Department.I only expect them to do their job's fair and without any political pressure to favor one party over another. There is a fine line between a good Officer and a not so good Officer,and it has nothing to do with training,it's all in the Common sense factor. As in "if it does not make sense,it's not true".Two DPD Defectives came to my home to investigate my complaint against my neighbor for shooting my dog,one Black and one Hispanic, they came to the conclusion,without speaking to any witness,looking at the crime sense,looking at the distance from the back door of her home,to where the shooting occurred,where her workers truck was parked,dog would have had to walk pass workers truck to enter her yard, and be shot where he was,depression of grass on ground with blood,clearly shows dog was already in a down position when he was shot,shot with small 22 or 25 callable gun, which means she was at close range to dog,when shot.History of lying to Police and animal control Officers.This woman shot my dog and called Police to report shooting as if she shot a burglar,she called to get her story in first,she knows DPD will believe her Drama, first,and she has this sick thinking that she can do wrong,just tell your story first and you have the upper hand.The report ,the Detectives read,said she shot the dog because,she was protecting her workers,a grown man with pick up truck about 15 feet from where he was pouring cement,and she was in fear of her life and her family's life. Now what is missing from this report is,what the dog was doing,what you witness the dog doing that would cause you to fear for your life,did he chase you ,did he even bark or react to you in any way,did your worker fear for his life,could he have got into his truck until police or animal control arrived? Did you see dog then go into your house and retrieve gun and come back out?The State law says it is a crime to discharge a gum in the City limits of a city,so we know she committed that crime and the neighbor on the other side who heard the shooting,told the Officers he wanted to file on her,his statement is nowhere to be found,State law also says,Penal code 42.092 A3,8, and B 1,2,6,its a crime to injury or kill non livestock,dog and etc,on a persons property if they are not damaging property.Animal cruelty law says to must be in danger from said attack animal.My dog was doing nothing but trying to find his way home,a puppy that accidentally got out of a fence ,that a tree limb broke because of the storm,I nor my Son knew the dog could get out,our other neighbor saw the dog he walked up to him and did not bark or anything,my auto gate was closed and he could not get back in.I do not want any special favor from DPD or anyone,I want an investigation of animal cruelty,because I know she ,waited for an opportunity to shot my dog, she told me she would shot my little house(poodle) dog if he came into her yard,so this was premeditated.I know it is my responsibility to keep my dogs in my yard,I have three fences,every time one gets out I build another fence,my poodles love finding escape routs when they go outside.In this neighborhood if we see a dog out we call the owner and tell them or we bring the dog in until they come home,never have we had a neighbor who act like this,she has never called me and said my dog was out or in her yard.
If after an investigation the Police say,it is not,I will be satisfied,until than I won't.This woman runs a retail Tax service in her home,cars all day long,that is not what home business means,this woman built a room and poured cement without permit,she has ruin the peaceful integrity of our neighborhood.But somehow DPD keeps giving her a break,because she took Para legal course at El Centro,where she illegally use the NCIC system.Vick went to Pen,a Dallas man is in Pen for 8 years this woman at home waiting to shot my other dog.
I hope that this Lady will take her action serious,before she shoot me or my Son,I wonder how DPD will explain that.

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