Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dallas Black Officials Stop ,Embarrassing Us and Yourselves,and President Obama

Would you so called Leaders, please stop the madness.You are the laughing stock of America. The senseless statements you make about various political races, the stupid
stunts you pull,everyone knows what you are doing and what its all about.You want someone to take you serious,but your action speak volumes about what you are not doing for your community.There are some on the city Council who are working hard,but being fought by others.
I don't want anyone who has been in office five years are more to say another word about the Southern sector,your time for doing something has passed and nothing is being done. You have helped your self, made all kinds of deals to benifit wealthy people and left you community behind.You have used your power to stop progress if you don't like the people involved,dam the good of the project,you kill it for bull shit reasons. I am so sick of what you all have become,no one could have prepared me for what has happen in our community, and now you want to reinvent yourselves and start meeting asking agencies what they are doing for Black people.What the hell are Black people doing about Black people.Where are the Black organizations plane's full of supplies for Haiti?If you don't change your way God will punish you, if its not to late.God have mercy on Our Souls.

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