Monday, February 08, 2010

Mayor's , As A Veteran Super Bowl Traveler, I Have Never Witness, Uniform Police Officers All Over The Place.

I don't normally talk about my travels ,or what I enjoy in my personal life,but Super Bowl 2011 will be a great opportunity for North Texas to show the World,there is more to Dallas than tall buildings and Jr's office building.Jerry Jones and the City of Arlington have done their part,now Dallas,Forth Worth and Irving must pull off the biggest Party in their lifetime.
My first Super Bowl was in New Orleans Jan.20,1978,Tulane Stadium,Dallas vs.Denver Broncos,it was the coldest day of my life.The temperature must have been 20 degrees in that open stadium,it was so cold we left our seats and stood under the bleachers.
My friend Evelyn Johnson had a friend who was not using his tickets and sold them to me,not having gone before ,had no idea there would be no hotels available without reservation,well we got there, and stayed in a hot sheet motel, very last room in the area or sleep in car.
Well now ,Super Bowl is an Event, not just a game,hotels book rooms for 4 days , none less,the official party starts on Thursday,Cowboy stadium is the largest stadium,so we will have 100,000 people with tickets,most of those go to Corporate sponsors,the teams,all NFL teams get tickets and the remainder put in lottery by NFL.We can expect 100,000 ticket people 125,000 non ticket party people,100,000 local come in for fun,NFL experience and other family activities scheduled by major Corporation.The NFL Experience is like this NBA Jam, still trying to figure why they call it Jam.It a very good activity and well attended,there is the Media Hotel where, they broadcast and interview Celebrities and people wanting to get a look at Stars ,normally walk around meeting and greet them. It's just fun. Most Big Shots fly in ,get into Limo to hotel,to events back to hotel and etc.They are not the ones on the street spending money and enjoying all the people stuff.They are in and Out see you next year.I was a VIP once at Super Bowl in Atlanta, my goodness,I didn't know people lived so good,every hour was planned, and went off like clock work.Dallas just needs to calm down and please don't think you need Police in riot gear on the street.I have never witness any real disturbance at a Bowl, just maybe people a little drunk,there probably have been some ,but I never saw them. In Arizona I learned about former Chief Click, I ask his police officers on the street ,directing traffic, they gave him high mark,I came back and shared that with City Manager. Arizona was spread out also,traffic was a little slow,San Diego was great,Miami always good,Jacksonville Florida to small,beautiful City but small for SB,Atlanta was good one year ice and snow not so good.I hope our weather is good,bad weather can ruin it for regular people who enjoy the walking activities and other free fun.I'm not sure where the NFL headquarter hotel will be, normally its a Hyatt
I haven't heard yet,there is lots of traffic there,and people watchers.
If its planned correct we will have it again,because we have the best stadium for the capacity the NFL needs.If you are in business click on NFL site for oppertunities, they have them and now is the time to look. If you need information feel free to ask.

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