Tuesday, February 23, 2010

City Tax Dollars Wasted ,Political Authority Abused!

I told you Sat. my neighbor shot my Son's dog.I filed a report with DPD to pursue a criminal charge ,of Animal cruelty, much to my surprise I was told today the report was filed as an incident.Not criminal.
Well as I was sitting in my home office window ,looking at the snow,a City Rapid Response van drove up,parking across the street in front of another neighbors home,then a white Code Compliance vehicle drove up.I went on about my business,wondering what they were doing at Erick's house ,since he had no animals.45 minutes later,my door bell rang,three people from Animal control,two had badges and I think maybe guns, the other had been here before and knew the history of the crazy neighbor,the tall supervisor wanted to see the dog,I though they were here to help me on the shooting.
We were out back when they said the Doctor needed to enter my auto gate,I said Doctor,they said yes,the Vet needed to examine the dog.I knew than someone had filed a complaint against me.Can you believe this fool who shot my dog,called the City on me and reported animal abuse.When did the City of Dallas hire enough Vet's that one can make house calls. The staff must follow orders and I hold no ill feeling towards them, but I do know that my safety and my family safety is in danger.Any time a person can become this obsessed with another person ,and that obsession has turned on to a dog,and manifest itself into picking up a gun and shooting , a helpless dog laying on the ground ,with no escape and no aggression ,almost 100 yards from your back door,poses no danger to you are your family, you are deranged enough to shot a person.It seems she has some leverage at City Hall,she shot my dog and did not call animal control until after the shooting,today she had Rapid response,Supervisors,Vet
and all to check on dog for animal abuse,saying he got no care.Big lie.

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