Monday, December 28, 2009

What Is Wrong with Victory Park? I'll Tell You !

I spent the better part of Saturday looking at Victory Park, I went there with a Friend ,who is a genius in locating good business area for various types of people oriented establishments.With my zoning experience we made a good pair to asses the development for free and without it costing us millions.
First and foremost the project is facing the Freeway,where people can see the tall building,but cannot identify what they are,and if they could,there are no exits to directly connect to the development.The retail on ground level is not visible from any place,unless you are in the development,and that's a one way street. Buildings are bland no warmth,just cement and silver. One housing high rise calls itself The House, who will pay 1/4 million to live at the House.The name sounds like a boot legged house in the woods in East Texas.Shops and restaurants all same store front,prices to high for merchandise, no natural foot traffic.Sun shine on store front has glare making it hard to see items in display window.Parking on both sides of street in front of some stores make street narrow,and residents or Thur traffic drives very fast,leaves little time to view display windows from car.
AA Center design and color does not fit other modern design buildings,people leaving AA center go out into Street and parking lots, not flow into retail center,in fact you can't see them from AA center exit.There are some other minor things,there are changes that could be made to make the area more viable and fun.Maybe someone should call me and I'll tell you what he said, or you may hire him to turn that Development
around and tie all the entertainment District together ,so downtown Dallas will be a fun place to visit and primary destination for residents who enjoy a night out.

Monday, December 21, 2009

All I Want for Christmas !

God has blessed me with the Best Present of my life. My wonderful Son celebrates 2 years of sobriety.This is our first Christmas in some years that we will spend together,him being sober and free.Me, just Happy.

If Santa Clause just wants me to have something, he can bring me a ,Class A motor home to use for an outreach ministry in Dallas County.

Secondly he could drop off a Black S 430,black interior, sunroof top,Mercedes Benz.
I thank God for my paid for red F150 ford pick up truck, it's kind of hard being my wonderful age climbing up into it,I do what I need to do.I gave my Son the car i owned for transportation to work.

So if anyone has an extra Benz or Class A they are not using and need a tax deduction
bring it over.

Happy Holiday Season To All!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Main Stream Media/ Surfing Blogs

I started blogging in 2006 as I recovered from a near death experience.Blogging was fun and it was a way regular people spoke to one another or expressed an opinion in a funny way.Blogging was never meant to replace professional journalist or media outlets. I was very comfortable writing how I felt and not checking for errors because it was a blog, kind of like (pig language).When I become angry about a subject,I often blog on instinct and mess up the English language, it has all been fun. Never new anyone would judge my intellect with a blog. Well I have come to realize that my whole professional career is now being judged by my blogs and how well they are written.

Ms. Jewel P.Ross is kicking me from her grave, she was my Teacher in my accelerated English studies class at Booker T. Washington High,Dr.Rideout is also trying to come back and slap me, my English Professor in college.You see people they did teach me English/grammar/spelling and every other subject I needed to excel.I did learn what they taught. I come from very good genes.

Along my 48 year career ,I used what they taught me, the further up the career ladder I climbed,the less I had to type my own work.I forgot reporters do their own typing,no Secretary. Assistant's really do the work for Administrators and for the past 35 years I had the best.In fact Evelyn Johnson went on to work for Rudy Radmas, now Dallas County and my last Assistant ,is still working for Dallas County Ya Monica Flemmings.Monica is so good all I had to do was tell her what I wanted to said,the message I wanted to convey and when I received the document it was ready for signature. When I prepare professional documents since my retirement I always have them proofed. I'm sure at times I could pay more attention to what I write on a blog, but it was just a blog until DMN started reading mine and copying it into their newspaper and others followed. Tray Garrison knows me and Dear guy he tried to defend me, but the Tray lovers took on the cause , Rod D put it on religious blog page, and some one on there called me a Democrat. he of all people call me illiterate-wacko, I might be wacko but far from illiterate. I am not a professional journalist and if they want to reprint my blogs they should proof them. The DMN wants so bad to make me look bad,but how can they? I am 68 years old,born in Dallas ,lived here all my life until I spent a few years working in East Texas, everyone here knows me, my work and professional ability.Editorial Board personnel go and come.The old timers are all gone this new crew thinks a little different.In the past people in positions were all afraid of the Editorial Board, I didn't even know why.It took County Judge Lee Jackson at the time, to inform me of the importance of the Editorial Board in Dallas.I still didn't have sense to be afraid or care about what the Editorial Board though about me.I had never been invited nor spoken to them,didn't know they were talking about me to other people.However I quickly found out about the Editorial Board when they came gunning for me after Mayor Miller was no longer in office.Mayor Miller was one of them(journalist) so they new she was not afraid of them,however the New Mayor came into office with the Editorial Board being the opinion of choice.
The ED got me back with the DHA ouster,City Council race and a few other things ,God is good I am still not afraid of the "Palin" group ,maybe I should be.I never will unless they are put over the Texas retirement system and Social Security or take over distribution of Judge Judy and Judge Mathis shows.

Southern sector Leadership Working Good!

I want to my myself very clear, when I speak of Southern Sector leadership it most often is about the ones who have local authority to make our quality of life better.
The Officials at the State level are working their best for us and the people of the State. I know we elect them, however they must do what is in the best interest of the entire State. I've had some problems with some of what they have done , for the most part they are serving us well in Austin.They work,meet with community,send newsletters and answer calls. They also write bills and get them passed, that's the job they signed on to,some go beyond that an example Senator Royce West has been successful in bringing UNT and UNT law schools to Dallas he gets an A for that.
State Rep.Helen Giddings is working very well for her constituent and helping to save Paul Quinn college,lending her name gave the school the needed credibility to jump start its fund raising and reduce the Governing Board which has proven to be the number one problem.I don't think when Rep.Giddings sponsored the Dallas County water bill ,she knew Commissioner John Wiley Price would use the bill to try and rule over the water rights for private businesses and others, hurting growth in the South.Rep.Yvonne is working hard also,but she sometimes have strange opinions on issue at least she responds.I ask Rep.Davis to support a application for EB-5 to have a North Texas Regional Center which would encourage Chinese investors to build and create jobs in South Dallas,her response was she could not because of the immigration issues.I understand and respect her decision,but the US has borrowed money from the Chinese so what could be the problem with them building job for Southern sector people? I also did not like her strategy on the UNT law school some time ago.Rep.Barbara Caraway is also a good worker always has been on issues she support,is independent on her issues. Rep.Terri Hodge is also a good worker has gotten a lot done in her job and is very aggressive on issues she's involved with.Rep.Hodge has done more to help ex offenders than anyone I know other then Whitmire of Houston.I cannot support her this time because of the pending trial,I realize she has not been found guilty of anything and is innocent until such time as she goes to Court and found innocent of gulity.If we are ever to be taken serious as a people we must respect the rules of our justice system,and a grand jury indictment means a body of citizens has said there is enough evidence of guilt to stand trial,I believe in the Grand Jury system.Congress woman Eddie B. Jonson is very good in her job and works very hard and is respected on the Hill in DC.

So now you know ,I am very satisfied with our State Elected Officials and the School Board which now include Ms.Nuttall, thank you Ron for your pass service.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Tiger the Asian Golfer/Tales of Wife & Women

Well when Tiger,s father was living he did not want to be Black,I wonder how that made his Father feel? Tiger living in America did not want that Black burden.Funny how President Obama wore his with Pride and Tiger,his with regret.Just as OJ had escaped his Blackness and moved into the White World so has Tiger Woods.Tiger didn't
even cheat with Black.Tiger married a medium income Swedish woman who was employed as his golfer Buddy's nanny. The Media wants him to have a disorder, sex addiction,I believe he has an addiction but not sex its prescription drugs.If you watch him sitting Court side at any basketball games look at his eyes, they are glazed over.
The press never picked it up but after all, Asian Tiger would not be drug addicted,but he is.The typical addicted person is one who had surgery and continue to have pain medicine daily.The Doctor will refill the prescription as part of pain management and sleeping pills are a part of that therapy.The sleeping medication linked with Tiger is highly addictive,I had a very good friend on them and it took treatment to get her off. Many people are addicted to prescription drugs especially the Elderly.I will pray for Tiger to get help for his drug addiction, I could care less about his dysfunctional mixed race,don't want to be Black self. Let the chips fall where they may.

Monday, November 30, 2009

14-1 City Council Districts A Giant Failure.

Many Residents in the Black community disliked me during the battle over 14-1 vs.10-4-1 and other plans floating around when the Court ruled that minorities deserved more seats on the Dallas City Council. I said then and I repeat today, I was right and I have proof of it.

In 1968 or 69 my then husband Maxie White and I founded White's Transportation, to provide bus service to TI and Collins radio all three shifts for people to work. Dallas Transit as it was called back in the day did not go out to Forest Lane or TI .

Julia Scott Reed first Black writer for Dallas Morning News wrote an article on the good bus service we were providing and how it had helped woman get and keep their jobs. The same day the article was printed, I received a call from my husband saying some man from the City had called the Transportation office and said we must stop the bus service by 3PM that day or risk a fine or jail because the City of Dallas had a ordinance that stated No Private Bus company could operate in the Dallas City limit until all bond debt owed by Dallas Transit was paid in full. You know me, the fact that there was no bus service to the jobs, and we picked the passengers up and return them to their home on all three shifts made us unique ,so I decided to fight the City of Dallas. I called George Allen first and only Black Councilman at the time.Together we generated about $10 million dollars in news coverage both Dallas Herald and Morning News gave us front page coverage five day straight. On Council day the chamber was full and people North and South,East and West were there to support, the right to have transportation to work.It was not about minority bus company, it was keeping people on the job and off public assistance. WE WON THE FIGHT AND BECAME THE FIRST PRIVATE BUS COMPANY TO BE LICENSED under the new ordinance.Some time now when I see the private bus companies on the street I laugh,they don't have a clue who helped them win that right.

There was no 14-1, it was just ONE George Allen and he knew how to get along with his Council colleague's and they cared about the people.

I just received a copy of letter Council woman Vonciel Hill sent to Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway and cc Pastor Freddie Haynes.Little history,Dwaine Caraway is Chair of the Public Safety Committee for the City of Dallas,there had been two murders at a car wash on Ledbetter in District 5 Pastor Haynes and his men in Black under the Leadership of Corp Allen went down some 200 strong with their "Stop The Violence Campaign"and prayed, marched and tried to bridge the gap between the young people. This group of volunteers wanted a place to meet and Councilman Caraway tried to facilitate this meeting in a city owned building, from what this letter says Council woman Hill told Caraway not to hold any meeting in HER district and Pastor Haynes could meet at his Church or in District 4.District 4 and 5 are separated by a street.
Mine you, this is a public building paid for by the tax payers, how can any City Councilperson make such a request with a public owned building. To make matters worst Ms. Hill then went own to write the City Manager a memo telling her and cc it to all department heads," not to rent any building in District 5 to any group,person,organization without prior notice to her". What is this? District 5 has the highest crime rate in the City of Dallas and this woman is stopping volunteers who are trying to help from having a meeting.

Now, I realize Councilwoman Hill is very angry with Councilman Caraway and maybe she has good reason to be, but what in the world does that have to do with the resident of District 5.I live in District 5, we need all the help we can get.Council woman Hill has got to come back to her seances and put the people first. Councilwoman Hill is a Minister and she cannot allow the devil to overtake her, in the Council position ,the people get hurt,all District 5 hurt.The Chair of Public Safety is the Chair for all of Dallas, if he leaves District 5 out what are we to do? What gives any Council person the right to dictate who rents a public facility? Is this what 14-1 has come to.Councilwoman Hill had some strong community Leaders supporting her, I am calling on Rev.Zan Holmes to please speak with her,Demetris Sampson please speak with her you also live in District 5. I will pray and ask God to take this type of
anger from her heart. I can not say who is right or wrong, what I can say is we only have 4 black people on the Council if two of them are fighting each other it leaves two to take care of business.As other Council member see this they know if the Southern sector Rep. are not on the same page nothing gets done.

We have seen our former Councilman found guilty and now our current one all involved in getting back at Caraway and all the while our District is going to hell fast.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dallas County Residents Finally recieving H1N1 vaccine.

Thank God people are finally receiving H1N1 vaccine in Dallas County. Dallas County has the highest death rate from this strain of flu than any other County in the USA.
Dallas is now on the International alert list with two other Cities.
Let me make it clear I was never opposed to Pharmacies giving vaccine, I was opposed to the way it was started and why.Giving Wal-Mart exclusive rights to the vaccine was wrong and I stand by that.The fact that the Health Department did not utilize it's own clinics on a daily bases is still a puzzle, but it is not my business.
My one and only concern was and still is the Public Health of Dallas County Citizen.
I retired from Dallas County Health and Human Service in 2004 ,but I did not retire my feeling for the welfare and health of the people.

When I think something is wrong. dealing with Public Trust ,I am going to Call It Out,it is never personal.My issues are about what you do on the Taxpayers dime.When it's your own money you will never hear from me. Since my tax are all paid up,you will hear from me loud and clear. Many people have cut me off because of my out spoken blog, but I have never ask them for a thing, in fact if I call the roll ,I have helped each and every one of them get where they are,and they have the nerve to be mad at me for speaking out, they have forgotten I'm the same one who I spoke out on their behalf.
It Is What It Is.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dallas County Commissioner Court Put On Notice!

It seems from local News reports today the Dallas County Commissioners Court is going to allow the Dallas County Health Department to give H1N1 vaccine to local for profit Pharmacies, Wal Mart primarily now he’s thrown in a few more to make it legitimate, since I raised the question with the Court, about Mullen Immunization Clinics from Arizona doing only regular flu shots and the fact that they are only doing school H1N1 and a one day clinic with the County.

Here is the problem Pharmacies and other for profit businesses is not eligible to receive vaccine currently. Only Health Departments and Doctors Offices are eligible. If the Health Department claims they cannot distribute their vaccine and ask another business to help them, that business becomes an agent of the County.

What Zack Thompson is doing under the disguise of increased distribution is allowing Wal-Mart to become its agent so they can sell, free vaccine and make a profit. The first notice of this came last month from Clarice Tinsley when she announced” Dallas County received a shipment of H1N1 and Wal Mart might be the only place you can get it” I hit the fan because as the Former Director of Dallas County Health I knew that was illegal. By six o’clock the lead story had changed.

It is no accident that Dallas County Health Director said he was in contact with Mullen in Arizona who is Wal-Mart provider of regular flu vaccine shots, but Mullen did not qualify for H1N1 because of its for profit status.
In step Kathy Nealy paid consultant for Wal-Mart and associate of Commissioner John Wiley Price, County Health Director’s Boss who must have said make it happen. What is so strange and sad is that the Public trust in the Department is being destroyed because of Kathy and John Price wanting to make money in my Opinion. Dallas County has enough Clinics to give all its vaccine out. The State said nothing about having insurance or not having it, they only specified high risk people; Zack Thompson has established another barrier for people needing vaccine.

The Health Department received 19,000 doses, why is he only giving 16,000 doses? Why is he not offering vaccine every day in the County Clinics open to the public? Why create a crisis on distribution when there is none.
The only answer is helping to make money for Wal Mart and Nealy and Price. Dallas County is indeed out of control. When Elected Officials sit idle by and allow a Department head to create a false emergency distribution problem that does not exist and they know how many clinics the County has it’s a lost cause.

Dallas County has a plan five years old approved by the State and Federal government to distribute mass vaccine in case of an emergency and it does not include Wal-Mart or private pharmacies, why not use the plan? International Travel Service has placed
Dallas County on International Travel Alert,some Countries are making their residents who have been in Dallas be examine before they can return to their homes, I wonder do you know what that means; we could lose lots of revenue doing the Holiday season when people change their Travel plans and avoid Dallas, our HUB airport can suffer because of it. Think about how a selfish Official and his bag Lady’s greed can cause harm to this region if this H1N1 virus is not brought under control.
Dallas has the highest death rate in the Country from H1N1, yet there are 19,000 doses of free federal government vaccine sitting in a closet on the floor at 2377 Stemmons Freeway in a building that is called Dallas County Health and Human Service Department, Dr. Tulu is turning in his grave, he gave his life for that place. God how I miss him and Dr. Karin Lancaster both of whom would have stayed at the building all night and week or month until everyone had their shots. Dr.Tulu would have also been able to isolate where the virus was located and how each victim contracted it.
The Court has been put on notice if no action is taken, It Is What It Is.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Saturday Clinic Is Best!

In fairness Mollen did join with the local Health Department for a One Day H1N1 vaccine flu clinic with 36 hour notice and they and the other County outlets immunized 14,000 people of the 17,000 that have been done so far.That was great,but Wal Mart was not the central issue or location.
Dallas County could have ask its partners to join in a one day Saturday clinic and obtained the very same result.To have a clinic on a week day at a building that cannot accommodate the normal back to school immunization is crazy. The building has three elevators that cannot take and return 500 people per hour so how can you give them shot?

I simply cannot sit and see the making of a money sham and not speak about it.Stay tune for updates.

Up Date on WalMart/Mollen Flu Shot/Dallas Scam!

Mollen Immunization Clinic operates in Arizona and was started by Dr.Art Mollen, they give foreign travel shots and regular Flu shots. The Wal Mart and Mollen relationship is some seasonal flu shots are given on special days at Wal Mart stores in Arizona as well as Albertsons, Frys, Basha,Food City grocery stores, BEALL'S, all of which are also in Dallas County.
Today Mollen offered regular flu shots at 50 such locations. The local Health Department did not give Mollen any H1N1 for these 50 clinics today.

I hope some of these lazy ass reporters would do their jobs right. To write in the Dallas Morning news that Mollen has H1N1 flu clinics in mostly Wal Mart stores in Arizona was a lie, to say they have an agreement with the local Health Department for such clinics in Wal Mart is a lie.All I want is for the truth to be known and the Taxpayers not taken advantage of because a money hungry Politician and his Side Kick wants more.
Where is Allen Clemson when he is needed, I know in a better place with peace of mind. Allen would have advised the other members of the Court that this deal was not right, the new Guy is under the thumb of John Wiley Price, poor soul.

Friday, November 06, 2009

DA Watkins, Don"t Put Your Job On Line!

Honorable DA Watkins , please young man you have done a good job so far as Dallas County DA. I am not sure who you are trying to help or in fact If you are trying to help some other Elected Officials, but if you are ask yourself one question. If it were you, would they give up their job, are put it on the line for Yours? The one thing I learned from living life, every one loved me until I got in trouble with the law and had to do three years probation for a crime I did not even know was a crime.
I plead guilty because what they said I did ,I did ,I just did not know it was illegal to do so. Because of that I had to start my life all over and doing the in between I worked lots of odd jobs,hard jobs.My friends stopped calling, it was if they would catch a virus from me. I unloaded trucks and some days I cried the truck was so large and it looked as if the front would never appear. I never gave up or out, finally I was given another chance at a professional job by Ron Anderson 30 years ago.Thanks Dr. Anderson. Later a Judge set aside the indictment in 1998.God is good. I said that to say this Do the job the voters entrusted to you.When you had a rough spot about your tax,title co. and etc. I did not see a press conference about how good you are from any group of Democrats or etc.
The investigation is good in they might find they are not guilty of anything.Why would a Law Enforcement Officer fight an investigation if he's done nothing? This would prove him right.
DA Watkins the voters trust you to do the right thing,Please don't let them down.

Dallas county Commissioners! How Can You Let Him?Commissioners Court! How Could You ?

Commissioners Court! How Could You ?

How could the members of the Commissioners Court who hire the Director of Health and Human Service allow the County HSS Director to give free H1N1 vaccine to Wal Mart to distribute with a fake need to expand the distribution?
First of all Dallas County Health and Human Service has a plan and has had for 5 years , a plan to distribute mass vaccine in the case of a Terrorist attack and it does not include Wal Mart.

Commissioner John Price must have forgot that the Jury found the Hill’s guilty or his ability to operate in my opinion as an unidentified operative for them gives him the necessary security that it does not matter.

In my opinion this is the reason Zack Thompson, Director Dallas County Health and Human Service had to consider this stupid proposal to allow Wal Mart to distribute H1N1 vaccine when he has Clinics all over Dallas County that can give vaccine, they do it every day. DISD has school nurses that can give shots to students and they do not need to miss school, which is in the distribution Manuel. Most poor pregnant women go to Parkland clinics so there are ways to get shots to the people that need them without them paying $20.00 cash,to Wal Mart for what the Taxpayers have already paid and given to the Health Department for free.

Let me draw a picture.

Kathy Nealy of Kathy Nealy and Associates is a very close friend and businesses Associate of Commission John Price, many in the Community call her his bag lady. Kathy Nealy is a paid Consultant one of her many Clients is Wal- Mart Corporation. Wal Mart vendor, Mollen Immunization Clinics are not eligible to receive vaccine because no one they are for profit and they are not MD provider or Health Departments. Kathy Nealy earning her retainer wants to help Client takes advantage of this new opportunity. Advises Commissioner Price that if Dallas County partners with Mollen, Mollen becomes eligible for free vaccine, and Mollen uses Wal- Mart who they already have relationship with ,will not only make money from fee, but thousands of non Wal Mart customers will come into their stores and might establish a relationship.

Commissioner Price directs Zack Thompson to contact Mollen and make it happen, Zack being an employee of the Commissioners Court does this. End result Kathy delivers for her client, she shares her wealth with Price ,Dallas County uses Tax payed vaccine to make profit for a For Profit business, Mollen turns around and bills Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance for vaccine and Taxpayers pay three time plus patient paid $20.00 out of pocket. So it ends up that Mollen and Wal- Mart will collect almost $75.00 dollars for free vaccine at the expense of Us, the Taxpayer. The patient benefit from vaccine but the people who really benefit are: Follow the money.
Nealy,just want money, Price,want to beat tax payer get gift, Mollen and Wal- Mart are business people paying for service to make money.

They had to go all the way to Arizona to find a County doing this deal with Mollen but what they did not check was the Internet. Maricopa County first of all held its clinics on Saturday 11-02-09/ 10-24-09 and Mollen did not hold them at Wal Mart. Mollen signed on as a partner the last of October to do school based H1N1 vaccine no fee ,at the schools and high risk vaccine using CIGNA clinics and Scottsdale Health care Clinics and local WIC offices for pregnant women and very young children.
The same identical thing Dallas County could do since they have Mou’s with the same government groups and not for profit groups. The Wal- Mart suggestion is a Dallas game, they want to use the fact that Mollen is a Wal -Mart vendor to get money. No where in the Maricopa County web page is there a word about Mollen being a vendor of Wal- Mart in Arizona, under the Maricopa County Health Department web page, John Roehm name is no where to be found, it is a out and out lie about most of their H1N1 clinics are mostly in Wal-Mart's. Wal-Mart is not on the list of location on their web site,who made that lie up or if it’s true please leads me to the section that says so. The school based clinic just started Nov.2, 2009. So far Maricopa has give out 17,000 doses of vaccine, they have received 35,000 doses. Hell, Dallas County only got 10,000 doses.
Only in Dallas, Texas where a deadly virus is killing people would an elected Official still think about how to make money at the suffering of others.
How can Dallas County be so out of control, how can people sit back and see this mess and not call it. How much money does one person need? When will it end?

This is my opinion based on my information some are fact based on my knowledge of law and State vaccine rules.I am the former Director of Dallas County Health and Human Service and the mass distribution plan was design under my tenur, I have kept up with this crisis. I did also go the Health Department web site of Maricopa County because, I know Dr. Bob England Maricopa health director.

Monday, November 02, 2009

State Rep.Terry Hodge, Job well Done!

I went to St.Peters Academy with Gladys Hodge her birth name we were in kindergarten
together and I would go to her house to wait to be picked up for a ride home.Her family lived close to the school,the area around the so called Arts District. All that area was where Black people lived, white people lived in Oak Cliff. I went off to public school and Terry I think moved to California.
Later in both our lives we met again in our circle of friend in the Happy Hour business, Terry working,me partying. Terry has always been a hard worker, held two jobs when most of us didn't want one,always independent. No wonder we both entered Politics Terry working hard me volunteering here and there. I am giving you history so there will be no misunderstanding about my position. I like Terry Hodge, the work she has done as a State Rep. cannot be touched.The work on behalf of prison inmates and their families, the laws she authored on their behalf are the best.

However if our community is ever to be taken serious again we must hold our people to the same standard as we do Others. I am sick over the fact that a long time associate is now in trouble, if I could change it, I would.
People are circling like buzzards.Some sincere, some putting on a show. This Political community has known for years about Terry's residency. She has helped so many of them and a few have stabbed her in the back, now they come with support when she has the fight of her life. There is a big difference in accepting in-kind rent and being on a parking lot taking cash.It's a big difference in writing a letter for
housing that you know your community needs.

I am not making light of Terry's charge, I'm only saying I understand how difficult it is on a 4500.00 per year salary to make ends meet.However It Is What It Is.
I am supporting Erick Johnson for the District not because Terry Hodge has not done a good job, but because she is under indictment and Black people must start taking the action of it's Officials serious.After the case is resolved run again or get special permission to hold that seat in carry over until that time.I do not vote in that District so my opinion is just that, it will not count at the ballot box.
My Friend Terry Hodge you are one of the Best, May you continue to serve in some capacity.

Someons Ask Why I did Not Blog about The Hills ?

I was out of the City when the verdict was read, in fact a friend called me with the news. When I return home five days later every thing was said. I had been quoted in the news as being a supporter of the criminal justice system and would take the Jury decision.
The Jury was available to information that I was not. I always said I wanted a jury that would be fair in it's findings and represent the make of of Dallas County.The Jury did.
I supported Don Hill for Council and I gave the Hill's money for their defence. I will do what ever I can for them.
I still support the Criminal Justice system in America.
My only Son has been involved in the criminal justice system a few times and I continue to love and support him.Thank God he is sober and doing fine NOW.
I never once called a Judge or prosecutor and ask for any special favor for my Son because, he made a bad choice. My Son was taught right, lived right,graduated from college and is brilliant, but he made choices, I can not blame the system because he choose to be a part of it, he knew what he was doing would untimely get him into trouble with the law , It Is What It Is.
I pray for Don and his family and wish the best for them.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Republicans Don't Practice what They Preach!

What's up with the Christian,Conservative,Moral men of the Republican party? They are preaching one sermon and living another. This new group of Republican is not the group I was a member of some time ago. When a friend ask me the other did I switch because of Obama, I said no, I switch because the party moved away from me.
I am still Conservative but the party has moved far from Conservative to hateful and down right crazy.I can not believe a word they say. Rep.Roland Corning R. Richland NC
arrested in cemetery with topless dancer,Viagra and sex toys in car,this man opposed
topless bars,this is same area Joe Wilson ( you lie)is from. Dick Army paid $750,000 to lobby for stimulus bill at same time the head of the Conservative Freedom group opposing it. Gov. Perry wrote letter to Washington opposing transfer of immigrants through Texas, that starts Monday.Who was in Office Sat. to receive letter or respond prior to transportation start time.Whole thing media stunt. One of my dear friends said she did not like AARP because they give money to Democrats,I said but they help us with information about other things,didn't move her she bleeds Republican blood but I still love her.All Republican male Senators voted against the rape bill last.Ms. Parker in DMN tried to justify their vote but she can't, all the female Republican voted for the bill. How can a man vote against a bill about rape that protect the right of rape victims? Be Republican! They also campaign against Gay rights, yet they are caught in gay related activities, and still proclaim they are not gay, we all know that means just not out yet! Republicans get real stop the lie.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

For The Record ! The McGowan Estate was Stolen!

This is for the record so people will stop asking me on the street, how Jerry Alexander of Good Street Baptist church and lives in Denton ,Texas is wearing my Uncle Alto's jewelery and driving his car, and sold off all my Aunt Georgia's belongings.
First Mr. Alexander befriended my uncle and aunt from church.Rev. Ronnie had been the first to befriend them, but he was convicted of a crime and in step Mr. Alexander. I could see it all over Mr. Alexander from the very start. I was busy working and after Uncle Alto passed,Mr Alexander made sure to cut the family off as best he could. Mr. Alexander liquidated the estate prior to Aunt Georgia passing so he would not need to honor the will and had another will and used a power of attorney
to clean it out.This man held a sale of my Aunt's things and did not notify any of the family,he sold ever thing in the house and did not give us a picture of our loved ones, or a token to remember them by.
Now you ask why did I allow this to happen,I ask my brother what he wanted to do, he and I agreed we have enough and God has been so good to us we decided to let it go. We have real faith we just cannot live off old dead people's money and steal from blood family members as Mr. Alexander has done. We also know that we can charge Mr.Alexander and send him to jail for what he's done.
My brother and I are strong in our faith and we know God will deal with Mr. Alexander in due time.The last of the McGowan family are all doing very well without extra from
the deceased members.I hope Mr. Alexander can sleep in his house the McGowan's built.

Football Salaries To Dam High !

There is not a football player, playing the sport worth 78,million dollars.Regular people will never get to see a football game with Owners paying player that kind of money. I know many of you will think I am wrong, but who on earth is worth that mush money running up and down a field for 2 hours? I like Mr.Ware and if anyone deserves
it,it would be him. I think he is even embarrassed at the amount. Every thing and every one with money is going big, bigger and biggest. When will it stop? I guess when professional sports need a bailout and we the people say no.

Non-english Speaking/ Driving Is Dangerous For All

Politicians can race bait all they want but Non English speaking has nothing to do with race.There are thousands of Non English speakers in Dallas County that are not Spanish. Every time someone says Non English, Hispanic groups get twisted as if they are the only Non English speakers in the world.One of the rules of Citizenship is you mush be able to communicate in English, how then can people from other Countries pass the test and not speak English well enough to communicate with a police officer.
Tax payers should not be ask to translate road signs or any other public sign, there are to many languages and cost to much money.English language classes are available to all free. I have travel many places and none other than an Airport had signs in English, nor did they pay anyone extra to communicate with me. I had to pay a translator to go along with me. It,s time for Texas and USA to stop making it easy for Non English speakers to continue not learning English.They have chosen this Country and it's way of life, it is time to become a real Texan learn English, make your life easy and driving safer. The life you save might be your own. In God I trust this message will be taken in the Spirit it's given.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Showing Clevage Is Not New, Showing Breast Is!

Ladies there is a big difference in cleavage and Breast.
Showing cleavage is not new, in was in style in 1959-1960 and high heel shoes.The shoes were called spike heels, the dresses and blouses ,T strap, halter, strapless and etc., so its nothing new. What woman are doing now is showing their full breast and it is vulgar as hell. Why won't someone tell the young women it is nasty to wear a day time dress or blouse with your full breast visable to the public. On the job with your full breast exposed to your customers. Employers please speak with your employees about having their breast fully exposed on the job. Also what's with the gum chewing at work? The cell phone at work? Managers please Man Up and teach your people job etiquette.
Ladies please the hip cut pants are not for you ,that have stomachs that falls over the top of pants. If your stomach prevents you from seeing your feet please do not wear the hip cut jeans and pants. When you wear tight pants and jeans please put on some type of foundation so your butt will not flop all over and the big dimples in your behind will not wink at everyone walking behind you.
I am so tired of seeing ugly nasty breast, and big butts with dimples and rusty ugly feet on the street and inside business I could go crazy. Somebody please tell these woman what being decent is all about.Please buy clothes the correct size you are killing yoursel with the tight clothes cutting off your air and blood circulation.

AARP 50+ Conferance Las Vegas 2009

I attended the 2009 AARP conference in Vegas and I will be going back each year.The program was so well planned and so much fun. To see 100,000 people 50 + in one location enjoying life is such an lifting feeling.The nightly entertainment was wonderful. Black,White and others all together having fun.On buses from hotel to convention center strangers talking and making friend from all over the world made me see what America is all about. The hate I had been hearing and feeling lately were no where to be found.
Conference was full of information for the over 50 crowd, many good speakers, movies and lots of relaxing areas.

It was a good event. Join AARP and check out the annual 50+ conference the registration is only 25.00 ,2010 in Orlando ,Florida.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Way To Go Judge Foster!

Judge Foster has shown some real Leadership. Employee are fired from the County for using the computer for none County business, so how is an Elected Official different they still use County equipment purchased from the general fund. The County has gotten off for years doing what others have gone to jail for.

I support Judge Foster,Clean em up clean em out!

Did They Know?

Did the business community know Jack Lowe was so far off ? I knew his Father fine man.I did not always agree with him but he was a man and not silly. The way Jack speaks about Dr Hiney one would think they are joined at the hip. I believe Dr.Hiney thinks he is right about the way he runs the DISD, but he's not. If he would hire people trust worthy with a brain many of his problems would go away.I offered to help him for free but many people found that funny, but I know my profession and would have stopped him from falling into some deep dodo. Dr. Hiney won't last long the folk who really back him are tired of being embarrassed. They will help all they can but it comes a time that the Group will throw up their hands that time is near. I try not to think a lot about DISD because as soon as one issue is over another one is on the horizon.

NFL Right On Time , Rush Out !

Sometimes ,I wonder if everyone is crazy or is it just people in North Texas? I read two letters in the DMN editorial section about Rush Limbaugh being out of the group
buying the Rams, both said something about Rush's comment about the Black quarterback a couple of years ago.One said Rush was better then Vick a convict,I guess he forgot Rush is a convicted drug abuser. Rush not being in that group has nothing what so ever about that statement, how shallow are people in this part of the World.Does anyone think for one minute a statement about a black football player will stop money
from changing hands.

Rush would have been a liability to the NFL period! The smut that Rush puts out on the airways daily would have put the NFL in a negative spotlight daily.Rush would have used the NFL to enlarge his base and kill the league. It would have become RLL
football league. Thank goodness for Goodall and Rev Sharpton and Jackson.

George Bush still The Man I Supported in 1971

President George Bush is the man ,who as a young woman I took off work to volunteer in his Senatorial campaign. The George Bush that invited President Obama into the heart of Red Neck country , was not worried about what anyone said, is the Man who as a Republican Congressman from Houston voted for the Open Housing Bill. I have always known this man and his wife, both are very good people. The Republican Party throw President Bush under the bus because he was to liberal for them.They wanted him to be Mean and hateful as the Party has become now, but he was not.

Thanks ,President Bush at 85 years you are still the man I know and Love.Thanks President Obama for coming,Thanks God for allowing him to come and leave safely.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Delta Sisters Join Hands for Social Action, Save the Students.

Dallas chapters of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority join hands to implement the Delta National Social Action Thrust. Dallas Alumnae Chapter and Metropolitan Dallas Alumnae Chapter's Social Action Committees are hosting the first ever joint School Board Candidate forum.Leah Alexander Chair of Social Action, DMA and Yours truly,Chair Dallas Alumnae along with committee members are very excited about the opportunity to combine our efforts and sponsor a good meaningful forum. James Ragland DMN columnist will moderate forum.
DATE:October 20,2009
Time:7 PM
Place:Park South YMCA in South Dallas
2500 Romine St Dallas, Texas 75215 St.
Public is invited.Stay tune for additional information.
Remember Census 2010.

Happy To Know ! Councilman Caraway On Job !

I was very worried that the South Oak Cliff skating rink was going to be closed. I know for a fact that it would be used if anyone knew it was open. The building sat there with nothing to bring attention to it,lights,sign,public service announcement or any thing else.If it were a trouble spot it would be all over the news. I was talking with Councilman Dwain Caraway about how awful it was to close the Rink.The kids need activities and there are none near that area, with so much multifamily about a block away the Rink should serve a large number of young people.
Good news is October 1, 2009 the skating rink is open and the Thursday night adult session was on tonight at 9:30 PM until 1:AM. Caraway was there with bells on, back in the day we filled the Skating rink ,off Ervay St, now that we are older we can go back to a sport we loved.It is such good exercise and fun. Come out and join me and other Seniors and Adults in a night of fun and help the City keep the Rink open.We need activities in our community, we have the Rink let's support it.Every Thursday night's 9:30 PM Adult Session. Skating Rink is located on Loop 12 ( Ledbetter) across from Wells Fargo bank, next to Pawn Shop ,building sets back from street but you can see it from street.Take your kids on week end let family enjoy safe clean fun.Thanks Councilman Dwain Caraway for having the energy to fight for the center to stay open, the easy way out is to close it.Fighting for it gives the community another chance to make it work.Please get some publicity so people will know it's open.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm from Planet America!

Claire Cross, Dallas Re: What planet?

I was born in Dallas, Texas were hate killed President Kennedy. I live in a State where it’s legal to carry a gun. I live in a Country where a Security Guard was killed by hate as he guarded the Holocaust Museum. I live in a Country where people’s beliefs cause them to kill Doctors practicing legal medicine. I live in a Country where” Hate Crime Bills” are being passed in various States, Texas has one.

I’m from Planet America.
“You people” people whose hate and opinion manifest itself into physical harm to others, ready for what? To defend my self and home when Hate overcomes them and they cannot control their emotions or actions. I have witness some lately.
I live in a Country where I have a first amendment right, I’ m a volunteer member of the DFW Airport Board, this is second time around, first eight year service cost me $89,000.00. If the Body that appointed me want me gone that’s their right.

Betty Culbreath
Citizen of the United States of America
1636 Bar Harbor Dr
Dallas, Texas 75232

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sorry, Not a Racist !

I was told today I can not be a racist because I have no power over people to affect their lives. I know I never felt like a Racist.My Mom was white,father American Indian,black,grandfather American Indian,white. When my kidneys failed and I needed a transplant, a lovely white family lost a Loved one and they donated his Kidney to save my life. We were a 6 point match that's almost imposable from different races people. I have had no rejection from the organ. The transplant reinforced my life long belief that Humans or Humans and the pigmentation of their skin has little to do with who they are inside.
If what I say sounds racist, I'm sorry because I can't be, I would need to hate my whole family. Love Ya!

Letter to Editor/Lady ask What planet I'm from?

A nice lady wrote the DMN letter to editor section and ask what planet am I from. She also ask who "you people" and will start killing" and she wanted to know what I was getting ready for.The she wanted to know how I kept my Job at DFW with these ideas in my head. Now this lady's comments were in reference to my little statement I had in the blog to Trey Garrison. Please read my reply.Claire Cross, Dallas Re: What planet?

I was born in Dallas, Texas were hate killed President Kennedy. I live in a State where it’s legal to carry a gun. I live in a Country where a Security Guard was killed by hate as he guarded the Holocaust Museum. I live in a Country where people’s beliefs cause them to kill Doctors practicing legal medicine. I live in a Country where” Hate Crime Bills” are being passed in various States, Texas has one. Response to Claire Cross/ Dallas

I’m from Planet America.
“You people” people whose hate and opinion manifest itself into physical harm to others, ready for what? To defend my self and home when Hate overcomes them and they cannot control their emotions or actions. I have witness some lately.
I live in a Country where I have a first amendment right, I’ m a volunteer member of the DFW Airport Board, this is second time around, first eight year service cost me $89,000.00. If the Body that appointed me want me gone that’s their right.

Betty Culbreath
Citizen of the United States of America
1636 Bar Harbor Dr
Dallas, Texas 75232

Monday, September 14, 2009

It is What It Is !

The one picture in my mind that helped shape my opinion that much of what is being said about President Obama is race based, was that of the Lewisville school teacher. The teacher said on national TV “I do not want my students to hear the speech because I don’t think the President should indoctrinate the students. I don’t trust him with any child” that statement was not about a speech. “Not trust with any Child” is about a pedophile it comes from hate. Does this teacher trust the Black Kids in her class room? The statement about the speech could have been make about any President but to take is a step farther and add, “I don’t trust him with any child.”
People had much to say about President Bush I found myself defending him all the time. People spoke about his policies and for the most part were civil. People were not evil and did not shout ugly statement at each other. President Obama has only been in Office nine months and already a grown man can not hold his emotion while the President is speaking. The emotion is too strong for a normal policy discussion. The fact did not support the statement. It does not matter who the President is that particular arena is not the place for raw emotion. If it did not happen in the absence of the President what else could have fueled it.
I am going to work on myself and try to help people who want help. I have volunteered the past 41 years in various campaigns most being Anglo candidates
And again never witness such diehard hate, anger towards the person least responsible for their problem.
I supported Obama for two reasons, 1. Tax reform and he has done that, my tax liability is no longer the same as a person making $844,000.00 per year. Secondly he promised health care reform. I enjoyed health insurance from my employer with prescription benefit. After retirement I paid COBRA $204.00 per month same coverage, when I became age appropriate for Medicare the insurance company made me use Medicare as primary and them as secondary. What did that mean, well it meant they no longer paid for certain medical procedures. If Medicare did not pay they did not pay, I lost dental benefit, and many drugs are not on Medicare formulary so I must pay the total cost for prescription now. Total amount I now pay is 305.00 per month with less coverage. Many people can not afford to pay that amount each month.
Many of you only know what you see on the news I live it daily and many other people who pay insurance. I could have saved Medicare by continuing to pay private insurance but, no said insurance company.
My friend was diagnosed with lung cancer, never used her employment insurance and her company is self funded, meaning it does not cost an insurance company one dime, but the Third Party Administrator has a gate keeper who denied her chemotherapy treatment that was working, she had scan to show cancer was shrinking, they said no, its being used for maintenance so she must pay for the medicine herself. Life and Death decision being made by a mid level person in a cubical. We need Health Care reform, Thank God President Bush passed the Medicare prescription bill and even it has a 90 day period you must pay full price for prescriptions drugs. President Bush passed the Ex Offender bill and President Obama has not funded it, I disagree with President Obama on that issue. My Politics are issue related but when it is what it is; I cannot look the other way.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Maybe I Am Becoming A Racist?

Warning I write what I think, My Opinion.Gramme is not a part of what I think, so read at your own risk.This is a blog not a professional document for any specific job.

I spent most of my life doing what I believed was the right thing. I was born to a mixed race family who were all business people of some sort. I never paid much attention to race. I fought in the Civil Rights movement because it was the right thing to do, mine was more about equality for people paying the same tax.Public facilities used by all.I do believe private places could do as they pleased as long as no Public funds are used.I still believe that.
As Director of Dallas County Health and Human my department reflected the make up of Dallas County, it was not something I tried to do, I just hired people based on qualification and it came out fair.If people would treat all people based of them and qualification all would come out fair. What we have in Dallas, Texas and other places is, we do not treat all equal, we use Race as a factor and that is what changes the landscape in favor of a particular group.
In the past two years I have found myself in a position of being treated a certain way because of Gender,Race,non Ivy League education(Blacks were not allowed in when I was in college)not job qualification.Some people write on this blog about my grammar, I have paid staff to write for me ,I give them the text and they do the rest
I know correct grammar,hell after living 68 years I have forgot more then most of you have learn.
Based on what I have seen in the past two years, I am judging people by the way they treat other people based on Race, because what is being done has no rhyme or reason to be done other than Race.
President Obama is being treated bad because people refuse to accept his beautiful Black skin, no matter what he says the fact that it is coming from a black mouth kills you.You have told so many lies about Black people to your Kids, you can not stand for them to see this Black man talking to them on TV, but they can look at rappers.
Yes ,maybe in my older age I am becoming what most Texas American have been all along and just maybe I was fooling myself all this time. My friends often told me as I was growing up that I was crazy because of my Conservative views but I just waved it off, as I live these days it seems they were right I was wrong about Human beings.
So when you see me now remember, I am going to judge your treatment of me based on color , I can't help it you made me do it!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Screen Your Kidneys,Save Your Heart

Urgent Message: You may have an increased risk for Kidney disease if you:

Have diabetes


Have a family history of chronic kidney disease

Age 45 +

Belong to high risk group:

Black, Hispanic, Asian, Pacific Islander, American Indian

National Kidney Foundation will be providing a FREE kidney health risk assessment for those in risk group.



2929 S. Hampton Road next to Potters House Senior Apt and Johnnie Brasher School
across from Kiest Park.

Saturday, Sept 12
11:00-2:00 PM

Please Come Out Save your Heart and Kidneys

Edward Kennedy What A Man

There is really nothing I can say but Ted Kennedy gave all to serve his community.
I will miss him ,America will miss his and the people who needed his voice will miss him.

When I think of what the Kennedy family has given for the good of Mankind .It sicken me every time I read or see this foolishness being done by Black Elected Officials. If not for a few Good Kennedy men ,they would not have the opportunity to serve their communities. If not for Paul Ragsdale ,J.B Jackson and others. What do they show in return, how to rob, steal and forget about the people. I am not saying they are guilty ,but they should not even be in a position to spend one day in Court trying to prove they are Innocent. All should be above the pack.

God be with us, we need you more then ever.

Ron Price ! You Mean Well ,but What About?

Dear Ron Price, he really means well, I think ? I am not sure if he was trying to make points with Hispanic community with his Sotomayor school naming or just out of touch. The Hispanic on that Board have constantly voted against the Blacks. The Hispanics have no love, or respect for the Blacks or Whites .They only think Hispanic. I have lived in Dallas for 60 years. Seven (7) years I was in Nacogodoches trying to save the world. I have never witness such lack of concern for other races of people as I have with this current crop of Hispanic Leaders.

I grew up working with Hispanic people at that time they were White but we worked side by side. I road the bus down Harry Hines and would love to see my bus mates from Crozier Tech board the bus for our fun ride and sad to see them get off.
I have known and worked with most Hispanic that were involved with the Civil Rights movement. Billy Medina the first Hispanic supervisor with the War on Poverty all of use respected each other.
We would eat lunch down behind the new police station at the Mexican soul food cafe,stop in Little Mexico and buy cookies from the Mexican drive in. What has happen to the real Hispanics that wanted fairness for all people? Where are people like Poncho who fought for right regardless to color. I don't mean people holding grudges for some past deed by some greedy Politician.Mexican in this region come from the darkest of Africa not Spain.

Please will the real Hispanics, Mexicans, Latino or what ever, stand up and help stop this Black ,Brown hate. If we don't we will all lose. You might have the numbers ,but numbers are not the only ingredient needed to be successful, if they were, Mexico would be a lot better and its Citizens would not be looking for a new home.Let's make up our minds to be better people and stop the Race war between Races. Please I beg.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Car Title and the County Elected Officials?

I wonder why when the County Officials buy cars they don't have title? Commissioner Price and the various Constables don't have good title to their cars wonder what the real owners have to say. How can a sworn Officer refuse to say where he got a car? If someone he stopped said that to him he would arrest them. Only in Dallas,Texas USA.

Dirk's former Girl Friend Gets Four Years !

Shame, Shame ,Shame on the Court .To sentence a person to five years on a twelve year old offence is crazy. The woman did wrong ,but in a time like this she is not violent so why the 4 years. You know what it's about giving Dirk time to get her baby. All the legal working will be over by the time she is out of jail and her family does not have the kind of money it will take to fight "The Dallas Way" in the legal system.

"The Dallas Way" from Federal Court Witness !

The “Dallas Way”: Ann Lott former Director of Dallas Housing Authority took the witness stand for the prosecution last week in the City Hall corruption trial.
In Ms. Lott’s testimony she described the “Dallas Way” that I often speak about,
She does not know I call it that, but what she described paints a very clear picture of how business is done in Dallas. Ms. Lott said prior to being the Director of DHA she only knew Don Hill as Deacon Hill from church, but when she was
Lobbying for the permanent job she went to City Hall and spoke with Council members. I am sure some of the other Candidates for the job did not know “The Dallas Way”. The Mayor of the City of Dallas appoints the DHA Board. The law was written so the highest ranking Official in the City of Dallas appoints the Board it is suppose to give the Board independence of City politics.

However, Ms. Lott felt she had to or needed to lobby the Council did that mean she believed the Board appointed by the Mayor, would be pressured by the Mayor after he was pressed by certain Council members to hire her? That is the “Dallas Way” and she worked it well. Since Don Hill was a church member, council member and supporter she felt compelled to do what he wanted done. Ms. Lott moved ahead on the Southwest Housing project because Mr. Hill wanted it done.
The property being pulled off the tax roll should have been told to the Council by someone. There is no way I believe something went by and no one at City Hall knew it but Don Hill. It is also strange that Darren Reagan has already been prosecuted for using DHA Section 8 voucher to rent his house to his mother in law. I have not seen other Landlords go to jail for the same crime and I directed Section 8 for Dallas County and served on the DHA Board. I always tried to have them prosecuted but no one would take the case, FBI, DA or State.
The Southwest housing was good for DHA the way DHA got involved happens all the time in Dallas, Texas.

There is nothing in Dallas that is what it seems. Every project no matter how small or large has some back door story. All the back door action is not illegal but it sure is unethical. Its sad how I was really thinking my service was honest and all the time there were other meeting being held and I was not invited.
When I attend meeting now, I ask if this is the real meeting or just the posted meeting. I’m at the point that going to meetings seems like an exercise for the body because most decision or made before the meeting starts.
I think that’s why decision makers sit with strange looks on their face when people are speaking; they know it’s just a waste of time because they are going to do what they want.

Until the people do something about “The Dallas Way” we will continue to be a mediocre city.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Kathy Nealy Cut Deal with FEDs.Took Stand Today

Kathy Nealy held her own while on the stand today. At time you could tell she did not want to say anything that was really going to hurt people, but the Government reminded her she had to give the testimony, it went with the deal.I knew Kathy would know not to get involved in anything involving Darren Reagan. I hate she was even trying to help now she will live with that "witness for the prosecution" label. What
I have heard so far from the direct feed from the Court room sounds very bad.Elected Officials acting and talking the way these people did just make you sick to the stomach. God I so respected Don Hill not in a million years could anyone have told me I would have heard the type of conversation on the types from Don Hill. i want this to be over. The defence lawyers ask such silky questions and make crazy comments to people on the witness stand. I would not hire them for traffic Court unless I have not see or heard from the best.Ted Stenike is good, Billy Ravkin is the best.

Black Brothers and Sisters Our Mayor Critized Obama

My Black Brothers and Sisters: the Dallas Morning News says " Leppert Criticized Obama Administration for not getting stimulant money into Dallas in a timely manner.
TX DOT Official said not true. White House says not true. I know City of Dallas got 11 million for housing and another 8 million to hire police. Someone should explain to Mayor Leppart the government process most Federal money is reimbursement grants, you spend ,request reimbursement and its put in your Bank account. The Feds don't just send an armored truck full of money and say help yourself.Mayor Leppart is accustom to the private sector and it just does not work that way with government money. In the private sector if a man says he has 500,00 dollars for your new building its put into escrow or in your bank at the time of the commitment, not so with the government, even at City hall it takes a good year to get a funding request done.

Now we love Willis Johnson and he loves Mayor Leppart and we Love Deputy Mayor Dwain Caraway for all his hard work , he is doing what a Council person should do and he loves the Mayor ,so both of these fine Brothers should inform the Mayor about Black voters in Dallas, Texas.
It does not matter how much you show up and show out when it comes to President Obama Black folk in Dallas are not going to take kind to anyone criticizing him, disagree with him yes, but criticize no!

I respect the Mayor and I would pull him aside and tell him, but he's not comfortable with the way I communicate.I'm from the old school and they did not teach me how to lie and make it feel good , nor did they teach me how to tell the same truth four different ways so it meant four things depending on who heard it.

Mayor Leppart seems comfortable talking with the Black Ivy League scholars unfortunately when I entered college UT Austin would not accept me because I was BLACK! No Ivy League for me , my good friend President Bush was an Ivy League
My father taught me the best survival tip for life: Be careful who you Pick as your "Fox Hole" buddy. I carry that one with me every day.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Never know How Good You Got It! til Is Until It's Gone

Never know how much I love , never know how much I care, never know how good you got it until it's gone "Little Willie John" that song is so true today.
Left to right. Lyra,Mayor Kirk,Ruthene Lister, Betty Culbreath, Senator West, Cheryl Brown, State Rep. Yvonne Davis. I know I killed Lyra name so sorry. Ron Kirk has not forgotten his world and Dallas. Ms. Ruthene is sick now but everyone else is doing fine.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Commissioners Court Knows Better !

Dallas County Commissioners Court Members know you cannot use federal forfeiture funds to fund items that have been a part of the General fund budget.The Court has used this same on other DA's and they have told them the same thing you can not use that money. Just as DISD tried to use federal grant funds to supplement general funds and were told no, the same goes with forfeiture money the Feds have guidelines for that money. The money is to enhance existing programs.

Government Elected Officials knew the tax base would decline this year, why did they not plan for this. Commissioner Court members make over $100,000 a year maintain two Offices and staffs why don't they close their Road and Bridge offices? Why don't they combine the Road and Bridge operation into one. Only Commissioner with County roads is District 3. Teflon Price's District. Commissioner could use their Road and Bridge funds to make up the difference.
Commissioner caused Parkland tax to go up with that Jail health mess , they are totally responsible for trying to hurt Jim Bowles, but the tax payers are paying for their mess. Parkland is now operating the Jail health and paying for it which is not the Hospital District responsibility, such bad government.Tax payers are not calling out Dallas Commissioners Court members for years of miss management. Maurine Dickey and Jim Foster had nothing to do with it when they took Office it was already done, one reason Jim Jackson is gone.

John Price is simply trying to hurt Craig with this public name calling, he would never have said Bill Hill former DA was in La-La land, but again Hill fired Mike Gillette upon taking office , Teflon Price wanted him gone, he's the guy who was prosecuting Price for rape until the complainant dropped charges after receiving death threats from unknown source's. Price did not even say Henry Wade "didn't grasp the inter working of his office and County Government" and he was over there sending innocent people to jail right and left and the Commissioner could do nothing to Mr. Wade, he would tell them where to go and quick.Price hated poor DA Mr.Vance and he was a nice guy but then again Mr. Vance's office prosecuted him also.Craig Watkins is a man and just like Henry Wade will not kiss Teflons ass to get along. Teflon Price can not stand for two Black men to be Downtown, he might as well come to grip with it because I place my bet on Watkins staying around if the choice for the voters is between Watkins and Price.

DMN (Palin group) Send Them To Death ROW !

Dallas Morning News editorial Board, again demonstrates why I named it Palin Group. Many days they speak as Palin thinks, out of touch with the real World and Dallas County.
Today they write, NFL boss wrong to reinstate dog-torturing QB, Michael Vick. While I think what Michael was involved in was a very bad situation, as an owner of two very lovely dogs which are family to me, I also understand how other animal lovers feel. The law prescribes the punishment time for crimes and the Judge follows that law.

The only purpose for prison sentence is to punish a person for a given crime. Michael was sentenced, served him time and was eligible in America to begin a new life after prison, the very same thing that Martha Stewart did. Martha Stewart returned to her same job even when she was on electronic monitor. Michael Vick could not do that because of a league rule imposed by the NFL and rightfully so.
Now the DMN, Palin group says Goodell was wrong for reinstating Vick, mind you he has not been hired by any team ,but the Palin Group say it’s wrong for him to be simply certified to work. In America work is a given right. Michael Vick by profession is a football player , he would naturally want to return to his former profession as did Martha Stewart. Michael Vick’s crime had nothing what so ever to do with neither his job nor his performance. If Vick had not been trying to help some “homeboys” who had no skills form a business he would not have been in trouble in the first place. Where Vick and party grew up dog and cock fighting was a sport so he could not have know the criminal aspects of it or he would not have named and registered the business, yes, he should have known or consulted legal guidance. I am not making Michael a victim just exposing another side of the picture. On the other hand Martha had plenty and was trying to get more or not lose any and properly educated and should have known better but did not care.

The NFL and Team Owners has long known when a young man Black or White comes from a low or modest income family and is showered with money upon entering the Professional area it causes a major life change. The first thing they do is try and help every hanger on from elementary school and the old neighborhood, then the family and etc.These kids and family know nothing about money management and the pit
falls it creates.
Where are the financial planners, investment bankers, accountants and life skill trainers? Where are the social workers to help walk them Thur the social changes, spiritual leader to introduce them to a community church? We could all help a young man when he first enters our community but the Team is so busy promoting him as a Star piece of meat that the Human side is lost. Who would not buy into thinking they are the best Thing since Dixie Crystal with all that?

I took from the DMN Editorial, Close all prisons to athletics, when an athlete is convicted of a crime send him/her to Death row. No need for probation, appeal or any other action because they should not be granted a right to work in their given professions after paying their debt to Society, because they horrified and embarrassed a group of people, who if we had a magnifying glass could find them (the group)horrifying and embarrassing some of us all the time.

Oh! How we Judge others and think we know it all. The Media has become a one sided
jaded form of communication. Once upon a time I trusted what I read and heard on the news, No more. I trust certain media people and what they write or report.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Not Race! It's That "Y" Thing.

Not Race! It’s the “Y” thing

Race is not problem it’s that “Y” thing. The President of the US was wrong in making a comment on the Gates/Police situation. President Obama should have simply said it’s a local issue. I am indeed pleased that his wife and friends close to him that really care about him ,and not what he can do for them, told him he was wrong and he tried to correct his statement. I don’t think he is yet aware of how his words make a difference.

The “Y” chromosome in men makes them do crazy things. Professor Gates was so into who he is was outraged that a Police would have the nerve to ask him for his identification. When he presented his Harvard ID he felt that was enough and should speak for it self, Officer Crowley knows there are hundreds of those floating around and wanted something with the house address on it. The “Y” thing made the whole incident go overboard. Gates overreacted, Officer Crowley being a police was not about to take that conversation, when all he was doing was his job trying to protect property and stop a crime.
That “Y” thing caused Gates go to Jail and cause all this mess for Officer Crowley and President Obama.

Men please remember you have that “Y” thing, in your system; you must control it at all cost.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Press Conference Will Now Save College!

I am happy to see Black Elected Officials gather in harmony any day. However it's a little late for Paul Quinn. Board Leadership has been the problem for Paul Quinn since Heck was a pup.Men who could master a pulpit and make people shout with joy for Jesus Christ , have run the school into ruin.

The Black Colleges were born out of need ,during a time when Black young people could not attend White schools.Black's as a whole had less then but performed better.
How could a few Church people organize a College, educated young adults with less and today this same group of people cannot manage with the help of Government,donations ,community help and etc.

The majority community must wonder, why are these same people whining about the same
situation year after year and nothing gets better it continues to be worst. Comer did his best ,he invested his money buying that property when others were standing around making empty promises.The buildings from the outside look the same, last time I was in the Hall for an event it was still hot, there is a new wonderful sign with
the school name which any institution needs.
Thanks Michael Sorrell you have given your all and more but you cannot do it alone.This Community is just tired, we care but we've been doing this for, I know 30 years.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Bishop Gregory Ingram What Seed Have you Sowed?

If This Document contain miss spelled words or any other error correct them in your mind:

Letter to the Editor

Dear Mr. Blair,
I read your column in volume 49 edition 28 with remarks by Bishop Gregory G.M. Ingram, Presiding Prelate of the African Methodist Episcopal, 10Th District. Mr. Blair I was shocked to see this man in an African American news paper asking Black Church People to Sow a Seed.

The African Methodist Episcopal 10Th District owned a Church property at 1626 Bar Harbor Dr, Dallas, Texas 75232. The beautiful home had been the residence home for the Presiding Bishop. Twenty five years the home served the Bishops and accommodated District activities. Bishop Bryant a most wonderful man and wife had just lived in the home.

When Ingram was appointed Bishop over this District, which was a promotion for him, he and his wife visited the home and refused to spend one night there. Ingram stayed in a hotel until a house could be found in North Dallas good enough for him. I called the District office and ask why Bishop Ingram did not want to live in the Southern Sector, and Oak Cliff. I was informed that the Bishop did not like the area, and he needed a bigger and better house, and of course the Church was paying for the new house. The house on Bar Harbor did not sell soon as the Church needed the money, because they didn’t have cash to pay for Ingram’s new house; the church took a lost on 1626 house so they could get Ingram out of that hotel.
All this time Paul Quinn was drowning and the man in charge of the District that oversees the school was spending church money living high on the hog, that church money could have gone to the school. If Bishop Ingram and his wife are too good for Oak Cliff that they would not spend one night in a fully furnished house, how can I give one dime to anything that Ingram has to do with? Paul Quinn is located in Oak Cliff, the students live in Oak Cliff but the man in charge will not spend one night in Oak Cliff. Where is God in all this?

I cleaned up Bishop College, I went back and cleaned up Paul Quinn, I worked on getting ac working at Paul Quinn. I have made contribution to Paul Quinn while at the same time I contribute to my Alma Mata Huston Tillotson University in Austin.

Bishop Gregory G.M. Ingram a Negro from Detroit has the nerve to dislike Oak Cliff so bad he would not sleep out here, will never receive one dime from me for anything.
I do respect Michael Sorrel and what he has tried to do at the College, I feel for the students but with Leadership on the Board with the mind set of Bishop Ingram nothing will change with all the money in the world.

Dallas Texas, White and Black, City and Corporate community, Churches’ and other groups have supported Bishop and Paul Quinn colleges to no avail. It is time to call the question.
Thanks to Senator West the students do have another school in walking distance to attend and receive an education.

All events are correct to my knowledge some are my opinion.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Wanted: Non Profit Group Needs Donated RV !

Non Profit group needs RV new or used to operate as Mobil clinic.Many elderly people can not ride public transportation and many others have no cars. The group can not perform this service from cars because utilities are needed for test and keeping med.
in refrigerator.The group will also do Kidney screen to prevent CKD. Chronic Kidney Disease.

If you would like to donate RV or need additional information please contact: I will put you in contact with the group.The donation is fully tax deductible.

Great Woman and Friends Funeralized in same week .

I attended the funeral service of two very good woman and hard workers in our Community. Ms. Tommie Lackey Franklin was a woman who trained young people. A gentleman that had been in her teen group years ago came to the service and he was a living testimony of what happen when a child has a role model and someone who care about their future.Ms. Franklin helped thousands of young people follow the right path.

Sue Daniels was another hard working in the grass roots of politics,she was the same Sue everyday, her husband Don would do what ever she ask. I will miss Sue the way she would put her hands on my cheeks and say 'oh Betty how are you'.
Rest in Peace Ms. Franklin and Sue you did your job very well.

Sara Palin's 'higher calling' !

Sara Palin's higher calling is money. Sister Palin saw first hand how it feels to wear fine fabric, Italian leather, silky, silk body lotions and sleep in beds with 500 thread sheets and feather pillows.
As Governor the money is not great and with a family to support she needs to make money. What is her speaking fee now? Ten to twenty five thousand per night with all expense paid.
My Father was a world war vet and an Eisenhower Republican, his bones or dust from his bones must me swirling in his grave to think Palin and Rush (drug addicted talk show host)are the new Voices of the Republican Party.This woman is so ill prepared for national politics. The Press will eat her alive.Ms. Palin is stubborn and thinks she knows it all and in the pass would not listen to other Media professionals.She is so angry with the Press and blames them for her lost. This woman really believed she was going to be VP of the United States of America.IT"s one thing to know you are not the sharpest knife in the drawer and get a break to be in a position to excel , but to think you are there because of qualification and deserve the position
is crazy. I am happy for the people of Alaska.

Michael Jackson Dead from Broken Heart and Dreams

Michael Jackson Death of a Broken Heart.

To be blessed with God given talent ,family, money and fame and yet so tormented with life , the only way you can sleep is have your body shut down so your mind can rest is the saddest reason a human would die in this age of modern medicine.
It always seemed that Michael suffered from some mental stress and grew strange after his skin disease was diagnosis people made fun of his skin turning white, which was so cruel.
Growing up in his father’s home The strict discipline of the Father, being next to the youngest child, the brothers jealous of his natural talent ,seeing his mother dominated by the father, being home all day with so many young kids, hearing the arguments of the parents severely damaged Michael Jackson. A few years of good therapy and some mild medication to stop his mind from spinning like a top would have corrected his problem.
His will expresses he did not trust his family members, even now this poor man has not been buried because of family feud. The Father Joe is busy trying to capitalize on his death, his mother wanting to get Court papers over his Estate very first working day after his death and no one talking about his burial. I know his mother loved him but when will some person from that family show some real grief for Michael.

The fans loved him and God loves him. The stupid Police Chief or Mayor in Los Angles said on CNN “Jackson Family should be paying the City for security while they are paying 25,000.00 for a gold casket” how crazy. In a City of Famous people he should know about crowd control.
People are trying very hard to make Michael a dope addict, I know that the drug reported to have been found in his home are (Diprivan) not the type used to get high. The drug is given normally in an IV and it puts you in a coma like state, you feel no pain nor do you remember anything your mind is blank, when you wake up you do not feel any kind of high. Michael just wanted to rest his mind.

I will never believe Michael molested any child. He was searching for his childhood, he knew children are innocent and love you for who you are not what you have. Children don’t judge, complain or deceive. Michel loved the Peace being in the presence of innocent minds who loved the park games and rides he also enjoyed.

May Michael Jackson rest in Peace and enjoy the sleep of mind he so desperately sought.