Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Tiger the Asian Golfer/Tales of Wife & Women

Well when Tiger,s father was living he did not want to be Black,I wonder how that made his Father feel? Tiger living in America did not want that Black burden.Funny how President Obama wore his with Pride and Tiger,his with regret.Just as OJ had escaped his Blackness and moved into the White World so has Tiger Woods.Tiger didn't
even cheat with Black.Tiger married a medium income Swedish woman who was employed as his golfer Buddy's nanny. The Media wants him to have a disorder, sex addiction,I believe he has an addiction but not sex its prescription drugs.If you watch him sitting Court side at any basketball games look at his eyes, they are glazed over.
The press never picked it up but after all, Asian Tiger would not be drug addicted,but he is.The typical addicted person is one who had surgery and continue to have pain medicine daily.The Doctor will refill the prescription as part of pain management and sleeping pills are a part of that therapy.The sleeping medication linked with Tiger is highly addictive,I had a very good friend on them and it took treatment to get her off. Many people are addicted to prescription drugs especially the Elderly.I will pray for Tiger to get help for his drug addiction, I could care less about his dysfunctional mixed race,don't want to be Black self. Let the chips fall where they may.

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