Monday, December 28, 2009

What Is Wrong with Victory Park? I'll Tell You !

I spent the better part of Saturday looking at Victory Park, I went there with a Friend ,who is a genius in locating good business area for various types of people oriented establishments.With my zoning experience we made a good pair to asses the development for free and without it costing us millions.
First and foremost the project is facing the Freeway,where people can see the tall building,but cannot identify what they are,and if they could,there are no exits to directly connect to the development.The retail on ground level is not visible from any place,unless you are in the development,and that's a one way street. Buildings are bland no warmth,just cement and silver. One housing high rise calls itself The House, who will pay 1/4 million to live at the House.The name sounds like a boot legged house in the woods in East Texas.Shops and restaurants all same store front,prices to high for merchandise, no natural foot traffic.Sun shine on store front has glare making it hard to see items in display window.Parking on both sides of street in front of some stores make street narrow,and residents or Thur traffic drives very fast,leaves little time to view display windows from car.
AA Center design and color does not fit other modern design buildings,people leaving AA center go out into Street and parking lots, not flow into retail center,in fact you can't see them from AA center exit.There are some other minor things,there are changes that could be made to make the area more viable and fun.Maybe someone should call me and I'll tell you what he said, or you may hire him to turn that Development
around and tie all the entertainment District together ,so downtown Dallas will be a fun place to visit and primary destination for residents who enjoy a night out.

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