Friday, December 11, 2009

Southern sector Leadership Working Good!

I want to my myself very clear, when I speak of Southern Sector leadership it most often is about the ones who have local authority to make our quality of life better.
The Officials at the State level are working their best for us and the people of the State. I know we elect them, however they must do what is in the best interest of the entire State. I've had some problems with some of what they have done , for the most part they are serving us well in Austin.They work,meet with community,send newsletters and answer calls. They also write bills and get them passed, that's the job they signed on to,some go beyond that an example Senator Royce West has been successful in bringing UNT and UNT law schools to Dallas he gets an A for that.
State Rep.Helen Giddings is working very well for her constituent and helping to save Paul Quinn college,lending her name gave the school the needed credibility to jump start its fund raising and reduce the Governing Board which has proven to be the number one problem.I don't think when Rep.Giddings sponsored the Dallas County water bill ,she knew Commissioner John Wiley Price would use the bill to try and rule over the water rights for private businesses and others, hurting growth in the South.Rep.Yvonne is working hard also,but she sometimes have strange opinions on issue at least she responds.I ask Rep.Davis to support a application for EB-5 to have a North Texas Regional Center which would encourage Chinese investors to build and create jobs in South Dallas,her response was she could not because of the immigration issues.I understand and respect her decision,but the US has borrowed money from the Chinese so what could be the problem with them building job for Southern sector people? I also did not like her strategy on the UNT law school some time ago.Rep.Barbara Caraway is also a good worker always has been on issues she support,is independent on her issues. Rep.Terri Hodge is also a good worker has gotten a lot done in her job and is very aggressive on issues she's involved with.Rep.Hodge has done more to help ex offenders than anyone I know other then Whitmire of Houston.I cannot support her this time because of the pending trial,I realize she has not been found guilty of anything and is innocent until such time as she goes to Court and found innocent of gulity.If we are ever to be taken serious as a people we must respect the rules of our justice system,and a grand jury indictment means a body of citizens has said there is enough evidence of guilt to stand trial,I believe in the Grand Jury system.Congress woman Eddie B. Jonson is very good in her job and works very hard and is respected on the Hill in DC.

So now you know ,I am very satisfied with our State Elected Officials and the School Board which now include Ms.Nuttall, thank you Ron for your pass service.

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