Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Once Again ,I Allowed Politician To Shock Me !

I knew back last year when the members of DFW Airport Board said no, to Mayor Tom Leppert and Dallas City Council,we had hell to pay. I also knew if I did not say ,no ,to Lepperts desire to take $43 million dollars from a DFW Land sale it would harm DFW in the worse way.I knew my future service on board was at risk due to direct threats.What the Dallas members did was  stand for what was right and legal.

You see it goes like this, 36 years ago Dallas and Fort Worth put money in a pool to buy 18,000 acres of land to develop a regional airport ,because the Federal Department of Transportation told Dallas & Fort Worth they would no longer fund both City Airports,they must agree to close their airports ,and join hands in One New Airport.Both Cities agreed.Cities brought land and sold bonds and started Airport.DOT also put large sums of money into the regional airport,that was purpose of Wright Amendment to protect Cities investment.The past 36 years DFW Airport has operated with out any local tax money ,and has managed to pay Cities back some of their origional investment. Both Cities knew they could not draw any money from DFW other than that investment,any other money from land or gas sale must go into construction fund.

When DFW sold natural gas lease Dallas and Forth Worth were paid $19 million dollars,that money paid Dallas and Fort Worth in full all money they put up for land years ago . That payment meant the secondary rule kicked in, no other money from land or gas sales could any longer be paid to Cities.
Tom Leppert was told or dreamed that if the DFW Board agreed to Cities receiving money from land sale it would be OK ,for Dallas and Fort Worth to get money for their general funds.
What Tom Leppert was not told or did not care was that if DFW board dared to say that it was against the rule and DOT would not have approved the transfer,DFW board was also told that , if Board was willing to give much needed money away ,we could forfeit our rights to future government funding for DFW Airport.

The Board was put in a legal conflict with the Owner Cities and our legal Counsel was representing Leppert and Dallas City Council and had thrown the DFW Board under the bus.

The new selection process put forth by Linda Koop ,after she convinced ,New ,Mayor Rawlings that there was a problem with current selection process, when she knew the only thing wrong was we would not do wrong ,and violate Federal rule so Dallas could put money in their General fund and not raise Tax so Leppert could run for Senate. Dallas has ability to tax and they should use that for City budget not steal from other government agencies.

After Leppert summoned DFW Officials down to his office in City Hall and tried to force them to sign letter committing Board to giving Dallas money ,and they refused saying,they could not sign without getting Board approval,he said if Board want to continue to serve they will say yes.This man said this in the presence of witness in City hall.Board had meeting Mayor Moncrief withdrew Fort Worth request for part of money ,and Board did right thing according to law and rule.

After that day ,when the Board was without legal representation because both City Attorneys were supporting their Mayors grabe for money the Board discussed hiring our own legal counsel,Dallas City Counsel came unglued,I ask a few why,the answer was" we want to know what is going on out there" how could 15 grown people be that petty,the number one economic engin in this North Region is DFW and Dallas City Council wants to know what is going on,that's the reason Mayor serves on Board, how much more do you need to know,I give them quartely reports on DFW.

In conclusion the action taken by Dallas City Council has violated their own ethics policy DFW bond ordianace and operation agreement.They have taken the power from City Council ,and given to Mayor who appoints Transportation committee and Chair.Ron Kirk gave power to Council when he was Mayor,Rawlings took it back.

I also knew when I was made Chair of $ 29 billion dollar Terminal Redevolpment Committee ,White folk in Dallas, would go crazy,because they can not get special favor from me.

Well now you have truth,process was changed because we would not violate Federal rule,and we want DFW to have independent general Counsel ,so we the Board will have legal coverage next time City of Dallas decide to steal money from DFW.

I served 8 years on board before two years as Chair,I have nothing more to prove .Under my leadership I achieved something all the White businessmen could not,Tax sharing agreement with surrounding cities and State law change to be able to collect money,also new people mover system and new International terminial,I'm not sure what accountiability Koop and Rawlings are lookinf for ,my record speaks for itself and now that Mayor and City Council had shown to God and everyone that to serve on DFW board you have to kiss the Kings ring,when my term end, I have no desire to be reappointed again to any board under Dallas City Council I will not go to prison.
My one regret is, I did not report the threat to the FBI at time it happen, maybe its not to late.

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Sunday, November 06, 2011

It's Time For Change.Dallas County Commissioners Court Must Change !

Dallas County Commissioners Court Must Change.The Court has become a National disgrace for Dallas,County Texas. This Court has turned Dallas County into a group on non functional departments.The Court has cut vital staff,service and made very bad decisions based on personal feelings. John Price 26 year on the Commissioners Court has become the most feared County Bully of all times. We member of Black Community created this Monster now we must correct this nightmare. Let me make this clear,I always supported John Price,he did a lot of Good things for Dallas County,the man we sent to Commissioner Court 26 years ago does not exist anymore,just view the Commissioners Court video on County web site if you don't believe me.We are doing a disservice to John Price if we don't remove him from that seat.The position has done something real bad to John,what I saw last week is not the man I love and ,supported and worked for side by side for years,ran his campaign for office worked as his Assistant 6 years and County 20 years. I say that so there is no question about my motive.I want to stop John Price from harming any more people and with Jenkins and Garcia he now has the rubber stamp 3 votes to do much more damage. People of District 3 have the power to Change the Court ,for the Good of all people of Dallas County. Please use your Vote in Democrat Primary in March surely Democrat Party will have someone to challenge this man.

Betty Culbreath ,Democrat Pct.3536