Friday, December 21, 2007

DHA Audit !

My Friend Rufus Shaw

Rufus Shaw has been one person who has always spoke out on issues that most people would not say one word. Rufus knows a lot about a lot of things he has opinions about most things and they are just that Opinions. I respect Rufus because he is well educated and has spent time working for this community. However the development of Southern Dallas is more then just the DCC saying do it. As a former member of City Plan Commission I learned a lot about the problems on WHY the vast amount of land is not developed. The problem infrastructure. South Dallas has no or old infrastructure. Take the UNT campus on the school is tied into the neighborhood lines, there are no water lines on Houston School Road . All the streets and lights,water and etc. at American Airline center was paid for by the City. When developers try coming south the City says we have no infrastructure money so the people go other places. The City manager of past and City Council members did not fund in the South as they did in the North that's the whole story. So let's get busy and get a bond issue for the South Dallas infrastructure.

Cell phones on job !

I have gone to several places shopping and saw employees talking on their cell phones. Why do employers allow this? It is rude and unacceptable in public. I ask the young people to stop talking while waiting on me. They react with anger. Please
stop your employees from talking on cell phones on your time.

Cell phones on job!

Holiday Season

Happy Holiday Season to all readers of this blog. I have much to be thankful for. Last years at this time I was in Baylor hospital with surgery . Thanks be to God I am recovered and doing fine. I have been lazy about Blogging lately because there is so much going on and I have tried to stay focused on Dallas Housing Authority. Just a few things to mention:

1. Dallas Housing Authority is doing well and the Audit you saw on the news this week was the someone that made the news last year. We are in the process of correcting all problems at DHA.

2. Poor Commisoner John Wiley Price ,in the DMN saying" Ms. Lott would not have community support this time" poor angry old fellow he should have been at the Authority meeting Tuesday night the place was on overflow with people who support Ms. Lott.I knew when he was there last year that he was not for real he was there to join the crowd. Poor fellow has drop support for Ms. Lott because I am now on the Board and his hate for me is so strong. When one hates others it will destroy them.

3.Thanks DMN for high on areas that need fixing in Southern Dallas maybe you will get City services. The utility lines above ground has been a long time problem, I was told the resources went to North Dallas on new housing starts.

4. I have tried to get City service in the 4800 block of Spring across the street from the new housing being built by DHA. Councilwoman Ragsdale has also tried to get help, Chaney did nothing in that area because he is one of the bad property owners.

5.I support Dr. H at DISD but he has some major problems the people he hires maybe educated but they have no common sense. Why lie when you know the truth is written
and under freedom of information anyone can get it.Some of the problems are just common sense when looking for ghost employee for example: you have a budget with funded positions in each department all one needs to do is have each person pick up check with proper ID from Ross avenue on pay day. A ghost employee cannot pick up check.

6.Mary S. is a good city manager however I do not know why people get a bonus for doing the job they are paid to do with taxpayers money.

7. Dallas County Commissioners Court is spending money right and left for lawsuits
the Court is out of control.

8.After New Years!