Monday, October 22, 2007

Federal Attorney Want's to Hide Snitch's Names !

Call Federal Judge Laney's office and ask him not to grant the Federal Attorneys request to seal the names of the Snitches who help make the Government case in the City Hall scandle. I do not want the names sealed because some of them are Elected Officials and others are former Elected Officials while others want to become Elected Officials. The reason they turned evidence is because they were involved but to a lesser degree and made a deal. The fact remain they did some wrong also and should be punished. I know most of their names but the general public needs to have access to the list if they want to. Also if you attent the trial their name will come up from time to time.

Public Mailer say's Vonciel Jones

On the negro mailer Councilwoman Vonciel Hill has Vonciel Jones as her name if I remember correctly Ms. Hill signed a statement in the city Secretary Office saying her legal name was Vonciel Jones Hill all her campaign literature had Hill now she is Jones. What is wrong with her Hill name surely it could not be that the Hill name is now sullen and she wants to distance her self from Hill. Don Hill is a human and regardless to what the Government says he is innocent until proven guilty. One does not need to treat their friends so shabby. Ms. Hill needs to be careful because she has a license to protect and using a name that is not your legal name is not legal,unless since the election she got a divorce. How can people want something so bad that they sell their own Soul. Be thankful for who you are,what you have or God can take it at anytime.

Back To Vonciel Jones or Vonciel Jones Hill

Vonciel Jones Hill or Vonciel Jones

If you received the latest negro mailer from the vote No group it Say's We All agree!
Sad , again the professional campaign people who happen to be non minority know that the Black/Negro Officials seldom agree on anything, that is one reason we never get anything done so the new campaign slogan is WE ALL AGREE as if that means anything to the Black voters. Black voters are sick of the cross talk but they will respond to
what they believe is harmful to them. Black Leadership will use Laura Miller for most anything against another Black person but they are not telling Black that the same Laura Miller is on the Vote NO team. The Black Leadership have joined hands with Laura Miller to get the vote out. There is nothing wrong with their position but why keep it a secret from the public. It's time they stopped hiding .

What Is The District 5 Councilwoman's Name ?

Friday, October 12, 2007

When will DISD Board Learn ?

It just dawn on me this whole DISD residency issue is about the new Human Resource Director being an elected Official in Weatherford, Texas. The Board is willing to make it's own Taxpayers angry by changing the residency policy to accommodate a 183,000 a year employee who knew the policy was in place when she was hired. The people being hired in Dallas Schools are not in speciality fields. Human Resources is personnel management that is a job very easy to fill and the person hired was not an HR person she was military. Dr. H. should not play this card very hard because I support him but on this issue I can not. If you can not live in Dallas how can you have loyalty to Dallas? The employee in question does not bring enough to the table to split the Board. Some time the fight is not worth it.

Identity Thief Got Me Again !

Well they got me again, it's been 5 years since my checks were stolen from the Post Office. Now I find that my name and SS number is being used by person or persons unknown. I found out from a credit collector calling about an energy bill in the amount of $887.00 I had the burden of proof that it was not me and after sending seven different documents that I had to collect from various departments the collector stopped calling but it's still on my credit report, now I get another call
from another collection agency for another energy bill for $817.00 and a mail order
business claiming I owe them for a lot of clothes. They used a P.O. box to get the package in my name. I have no idea what else is out there in my name. I went to Desoto police and made report they went to address where energy service was received and the people are still there but they denied using my name and the police said it was nothing they could do because I could not prove they did it. Would someone please help me with this: The people who used the energy are still living at the address where energy was used, but because they said they did not use my name it's nothing I can do , but I have lived in my home for 21 years with TXU electric being my energy provided uninterrupted . I see why idenity thief is going so good for the thief, there is nothing being done to the people doing it. In my case all they needed to do was arrest the people at the house, they knew I did not live there, but
they did nothing. I must do all the work to prove I did not buy or use the service.I am the victim but all the work is on me.

DISD / Residents Policy Needed !

What is wrong with people wanting to work and collect tax money from one group of Tax payers and take that money to pay another group of Taxpayers. Everyone who goes to work for DISD knows there is a resident policy if they want the job living in the District is part of the deal. Why would they accept the job and then start complaining about the policy. I pay tax to Dallas Schools , I have not had a child in Dallas school since 1980. I lived in Dallas but my child attended Richardson school. If an employee does not like Dallas to live then they should not earn Dallas money. Nothing is worst then a person who earns money from people they do not wish to live with. Dallas County has the policy and I lived by it for 20 years. The Board
should keep the policy in force. I do not know where Dr. Flores got the notion that the policy was for some diversity, all the black and brown people were living in Dallas at the time the policy was approved. It was about keeping Dallas tax money in Dallas and DISD employees being a part of the community.