Monday, October 22, 2007

Public Mailer say's Vonciel Jones

On the negro mailer Councilwoman Vonciel Hill has Vonciel Jones as her name if I remember correctly Ms. Hill signed a statement in the city Secretary Office saying her legal name was Vonciel Jones Hill all her campaign literature had Hill now she is Jones. What is wrong with her Hill name surely it could not be that the Hill name is now sullen and she wants to distance her self from Hill. Don Hill is a human and regardless to what the Government says he is innocent until proven guilty. One does not need to treat their friends so shabby. Ms. Hill needs to be careful because she has a license to protect and using a name that is not your legal name is not legal,unless since the election she got a divorce. How can people want something so bad that they sell their own Soul. Be thankful for who you are,what you have or God can take it at anytime.

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