Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Industrial Blvd/ Riverfront Blvd.

Riverfront Blvd is the right name if a new name is needed. I know the Hispanic community activist want a name for their heroes , just as African Americans have Dr. King. Dr. King worked for all people he just happen to be Black. Hispanics have been the greatest benefactor of Dr. Kings work. Hispanics were considered White prior to the Civil Rights movement, sure they were discriminated against being Spanish, but they enjoyed the same public accommodation that white people did also they could live where they wanted to. The fact that they chose to stay together was by choice. I must , when talking and thinking about this whole issue remember the total story not just recent acts. Hispanics came to this Country by choice for a better way of life then in their own Country, Black people have no Country of our own. When we arrived here as slaves a new race of people began. Negro's. America is our home Country. I hope that we can learn to live in a color blind society in my lifetime.

Lancaster ISD

Dr. Lewis when they call in Investigators most often it will clear your name. I have never heard of TEA sending some one to jail for over billing. Many of the District's in the area have been sited in the past. Does not make it right , but why talk illegal when it comes to Lewis ? Its illegal for all of them. Dr. Lewis means well and has done a good job with a low tax base. The new board is working to upgrade the District but some times new folk do not understand all the parts to make it right.
Looking from out side every thing looks easy but when you are put in a position to work will all components you see the Big picture. Why spend money you do not have on an investigator? What happen to State or County already tax paid people?
So much about that , hope the children will not be harmed by all this!

Sick of Hillary and Her People !

I am so sick of Hillary Clinton that I need to take medicine for nausea. The woman is sick, I have seen other Politicians act the same way. They become drunk on power. Somehow people feel that if the people cast a vote for them it makes them friends and personally liked or loved. Not the case. Some votes are cast by error, some by name identification, some by mail all sorts of reason.
Hillary has not released her Delegates and I am sure they will act a fool in Denver, and cause more problems for Democrats. The talk of VP being offered. Hillary Clinton does not need to be in President Obama's business , no place around with Bill sticking his nose in. Ms. Clinton keeps talking about 17 million people voted for her
OK ! Get over it. They will nominate her from the floor and she will get a second and the mess will start, that will then be her opportunity to blackmail Obama into the VP slot.
I pray to God that someone who loves this woman will help her to smell the coffee and move on. Hillary so wants to be President to pay Bill back, this is not her time.
You can do good without being President.