Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Industrial Blvd/ Riverfront Blvd.

Riverfront Blvd is the right name if a new name is needed. I know the Hispanic community activist want a name for their heroes , just as African Americans have Dr. King. Dr. King worked for all people he just happen to be Black. Hispanics have been the greatest benefactor of Dr. Kings work. Hispanics were considered White prior to the Civil Rights movement, sure they were discriminated against being Spanish, but they enjoyed the same public accommodation that white people did also they could live where they wanted to. The fact that they chose to stay together was by choice. I must , when talking and thinking about this whole issue remember the total story not just recent acts. Hispanics came to this Country by choice for a better way of life then in their own Country, Black people have no Country of our own. When we arrived here as slaves a new race of people began. Negro's. America is our home Country. I hope that we can learn to live in a color blind society in my lifetime.

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