Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Frank Clark ! What A Guy

I was so happy to read about Frank Clark, I have often wondered about him and what and how he was doing. I also wanted to know about his wonderful Kid;s and lovely wife Sandra Clark. Frank and I worked together back in the day, he was youth coordinator and I was Southern sector War on Poverty group leader. Frank Clark made sure we took 200 kids to six flags over Texas five days a week plus lunch. I went every day and had as much fun as the kids but oh were my feet sore and Al Lipscomb had fun.

Frank Clark did not let the Cowboy fame change him he used it to work in the Community. When he and Pettis Norman moved up off Marseilles in the area between Ledbetter and Laura Land it was a premier neighborhood and still is. Only White people, media and folk who know nothing about the real Southern Sector think Oak Cliff is bad.
Black people could not rent or buy property in White North Dallas at that time, however white people were still living in Oak Cliff with Blacks some were running from the Blacks moving in others stayed. That is strange we had no open housing law but Blacks could buy in Oak Cliff where White people lived but no North Dallas, what a City. The racism is so deep and strong the business community stole North Dallas from Black Farmers so they could have a place to live free of Blacks. The good part of the separation meant Black people lived in the same neighborhood regardless to income or job. Most people of higher income moved in the area where Frank lived and in Singing Hills and finally across I35. I lived on Summit Ridge the North side of Ledbetter.
Frank being a Nanny is no surprise, he always loved kid's and working with kids he would bring his wife and kids to meet the kids in our program. I will always remember Sandra she was very involved in the Dallas Community and raising her beautiful children.
Much Love to Frank and Sandra and the three young adult Clark's. If anyone knows how I can reach Sandra please let me know I would like to see her.

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