Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dallas Housing Authority

President/CEO Ann Lott of Dallas Housing Authority resign her position July 29,2008.
Ms. Lott has done a great deal for the Authority and the City of Dallas Housing.
Ms. Lott will be missed.

Dallas Housing Board members appointed Troy Broussard Interim President/CEO. A National search will be conducted to find a replacement for Ms. Lott. I wish her well in her next career.

Commissioner John Price stated in the Dallas Morning News that "Ms. Lott had been treated harshly" he did not say by whom and he also said Mayor Leppert should replace the entire Board. It is so strange that he of all people would make that statement , in December when Mayor Leppert was dissatisfied with DHA Leadership it was Commissioner Price who said Ms. Lott would NOT have the support of the community next time. Ms. Lott resign and now he's calling for the DHA Board to be replace. Which Way Is It John? The DHA Board if free work who do you think gives a HAM Sandwich about weather they serve or not. All of us on the Board have other lives so if we get our two days a week back we are OK. We would like to continue our service through the transition but we do not control that.

I am surprised that you have time to speak on DHA or say how Ann Lott is treated when you have not attended one DHA Board meeting and I can pull the Court reporters transcript and see when Ms. Lott was treated harshly.
Dallas County is in all kinds of trouble, $34 million short on budget,cannot pass jail inspection,health department giving away Flu vaccine instead of giving to poor people, taking away mental health bed's in welfare department, JP collection department lost a million dollars instead of collecting them. Allen Clemson the brains down there retiring, Lord help us when Allen leaves. John Price has been on the Court longer then anyone he should know by now how to solve problems. The County has more problems then any local government and the Commissioners make over $10,000.00 per month plus car allowance. Now Price is trying to get the County in the water business in the Southern sector , so he can control who has water and prevent the Allen group from developing their property.the group will not allow him to run their business. Same reason he dislikes me so much. I pray every day for him because hate will eat you up and the look on his face says it all.
John Price Voice is about as powerful as Jesse Jackson 3% of100%

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