Tuesday, July 01, 2008

DISD Board Arrogance !

The Board of Trustees of the DISD are strong in their hearts thinking that the Bond election was about confidence in them, sad group of people who do not understand Numbers and what they mean. Jack Lowe said it was a vote of confidence what cloud has he been on? The arrogance will get them in the end. The Audit that was just released tells the real story. The Dallas News wanted to hang Ms.Lott at DHA for a Audit report saying she had 3 million that records did not reflect. Not one word about Dr.H he was praised about spending the 3 million for the Audit , not one word calling for his job ! Dr.H has had more thief and mismanagement since he had been at DISD then any other person I know of in recent history. Dallas has its way when it comes to how they treat certain people. Dr.H is giving all the taxpayers money to business Leaders so they dare not have him fired on the other hand Ann Lott has not supported giving DHA major assets to business Leaders so her job is always up for grabs........I am sick of DISD and it's group of fools their day will come and the FBI will be the one to bring it to them. Carla Ranger is the only one down there honest and for the Students and taxpayers. Stay Strong Carla. Mayor Leppert had to bring a program to themm for beautification of their campus when the staff goes there every day and Trustees go to meeting at various campuses and did not do anything. Thanks Mayor for helping the students enter a pleasant atmosphere.

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