Friday, October 07, 2011

Where Do We Put The White People With Single Member Districts?

I watched the Council on TV last evening what was first for me was, seeing people argue over the White people in North Oak Cliff.Black and Hispanic disagreeing over the White people.White people deserve the best Representation possible skin color or race does not dictate good representation. Councilman Griggs should have in my opinion stayed clam and out of the Minority fight.With the City majority Minority the question should be how do we still keep 7 White seats? We need to elect people who will work not steal,create revenue stop raising fees and work for the whole pie not just their slice.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Did Anyone Tell Vivian Hill ,I Never Wished To Be Precinct Chair?

Day of Democrat Executive committee meeting,I broke my ankle.In fact I was just messing around in North Dallas waiting to go on to meeting.I missed meeting and did not see Vivian Hill sign up to challenge me for Precinct chair of 3536. I use the word challenge ,me ,because before I signed up to be Chair,the seat had been vacant for YEARS .I signed up because it was vacant and not Party activity had gone on in area since Percy stopped being Chair. Ms. Hill claim she did not know she was not PCT.Chair how is that possible? Ms. Hill was always paid election clerk until she became paid election Judge after Percy stopped being Pct. Chair. Now the reason I share this is because before I signed up for PCT. chair with Party Office ,I went to Vivian Hill's home,phone not listed ,put note on door to ask her about position never got reply so I did nothing in secret.Silence gave consent. I have no desire to campaign against Vivian Hill for a free seat, that she did not know, she did not occupy.Since nothing was done in 3536 prior to me being elected, nothing will be done after I'm out of office.The sad part about this whole thing is ,it's all about hating not about Party,election or any thing that will benefit our community.2012 is going to be very important for President Obama and these small minded people in our Democratic party would rather play hater games at Precinct level than to concentrate on the Prize re-election of President Obama. I will not sign up to be on ballot for Precinct Chair .I will allow Ms. Hill to run unopposed be elected ,and see how much work will be done.My current term does not end until December 31,2012 I will enjoy the remainder.