Friday, August 28, 2009

Screen Your Kidneys,Save Your Heart

Urgent Message: You may have an increased risk for Kidney disease if you:

Have diabetes


Have a family history of chronic kidney disease

Age 45 +

Belong to high risk group:

Black, Hispanic, Asian, Pacific Islander, American Indian

National Kidney Foundation will be providing a FREE kidney health risk assessment for those in risk group.



2929 S. Hampton Road next to Potters House Senior Apt and Johnnie Brasher School
across from Kiest Park.

Saturday, Sept 12
11:00-2:00 PM

Please Come Out Save your Heart and Kidneys

Edward Kennedy What A Man

There is really nothing I can say but Ted Kennedy gave all to serve his community.
I will miss him ,America will miss his and the people who needed his voice will miss him.

When I think of what the Kennedy family has given for the good of Mankind .It sicken me every time I read or see this foolishness being done by Black Elected Officials. If not for a few Good Kennedy men ,they would not have the opportunity to serve their communities. If not for Paul Ragsdale ,J.B Jackson and others. What do they show in return, how to rob, steal and forget about the people. I am not saying they are guilty ,but they should not even be in a position to spend one day in Court trying to prove they are Innocent. All should be above the pack.

God be with us, we need you more then ever.

Ron Price ! You Mean Well ,but What About?

Dear Ron Price, he really means well, I think ? I am not sure if he was trying to make points with Hispanic community with his Sotomayor school naming or just out of touch. The Hispanic on that Board have constantly voted against the Blacks. The Hispanics have no love, or respect for the Blacks or Whites .They only think Hispanic. I have lived in Dallas for 60 years. Seven (7) years I was in Nacogodoches trying to save the world. I have never witness such lack of concern for other races of people as I have with this current crop of Hispanic Leaders.

I grew up working with Hispanic people at that time they were White but we worked side by side. I road the bus down Harry Hines and would love to see my bus mates from Crozier Tech board the bus for our fun ride and sad to see them get off.
I have known and worked with most Hispanic that were involved with the Civil Rights movement. Billy Medina the first Hispanic supervisor with the War on Poverty all of use respected each other.
We would eat lunch down behind the new police station at the Mexican soul food cafe,stop in Little Mexico and buy cookies from the Mexican drive in. What has happen to the real Hispanics that wanted fairness for all people? Where are people like Poncho who fought for right regardless to color. I don't mean people holding grudges for some past deed by some greedy Politician.Mexican in this region come from the darkest of Africa not Spain.

Please will the real Hispanics, Mexicans, Latino or what ever, stand up and help stop this Black ,Brown hate. If we don't we will all lose. You might have the numbers ,but numbers are not the only ingredient needed to be successful, if they were, Mexico would be a lot better and its Citizens would not be looking for a new home.Let's make up our minds to be better people and stop the Race war between Races. Please I beg.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Car Title and the County Elected Officials?

I wonder why when the County Officials buy cars they don't have title? Commissioner Price and the various Constables don't have good title to their cars wonder what the real owners have to say. How can a sworn Officer refuse to say where he got a car? If someone he stopped said that to him he would arrest them. Only in Dallas,Texas USA.

Dirk's former Girl Friend Gets Four Years !

Shame, Shame ,Shame on the Court .To sentence a person to five years on a twelve year old offence is crazy. The woman did wrong ,but in a time like this she is not violent so why the 4 years. You know what it's about giving Dirk time to get her baby. All the legal working will be over by the time she is out of jail and her family does not have the kind of money it will take to fight "The Dallas Way" in the legal system.

"The Dallas Way" from Federal Court Witness !

The “Dallas Way”: Ann Lott former Director of Dallas Housing Authority took the witness stand for the prosecution last week in the City Hall corruption trial.
In Ms. Lott’s testimony she described the “Dallas Way” that I often speak about,
She does not know I call it that, but what she described paints a very clear picture of how business is done in Dallas. Ms. Lott said prior to being the Director of DHA she only knew Don Hill as Deacon Hill from church, but when she was
Lobbying for the permanent job she went to City Hall and spoke with Council members. I am sure some of the other Candidates for the job did not know “The Dallas Way”. The Mayor of the City of Dallas appoints the DHA Board. The law was written so the highest ranking Official in the City of Dallas appoints the Board it is suppose to give the Board independence of City politics.

However, Ms. Lott felt she had to or needed to lobby the Council did that mean she believed the Board appointed by the Mayor, would be pressured by the Mayor after he was pressed by certain Council members to hire her? That is the “Dallas Way” and she worked it well. Since Don Hill was a church member, council member and supporter she felt compelled to do what he wanted done. Ms. Lott moved ahead on the Southwest Housing project because Mr. Hill wanted it done.
The property being pulled off the tax roll should have been told to the Council by someone. There is no way I believe something went by and no one at City Hall knew it but Don Hill. It is also strange that Darren Reagan has already been prosecuted for using DHA Section 8 voucher to rent his house to his mother in law. I have not seen other Landlords go to jail for the same crime and I directed Section 8 for Dallas County and served on the DHA Board. I always tried to have them prosecuted but no one would take the case, FBI, DA or State.
The Southwest housing was good for DHA the way DHA got involved happens all the time in Dallas, Texas.

There is nothing in Dallas that is what it seems. Every project no matter how small or large has some back door story. All the back door action is not illegal but it sure is unethical. Its sad how I was really thinking my service was honest and all the time there were other meeting being held and I was not invited.
When I attend meeting now, I ask if this is the real meeting or just the posted meeting. I’m at the point that going to meetings seems like an exercise for the body because most decision or made before the meeting starts.
I think that’s why decision makers sit with strange looks on their face when people are speaking; they know it’s just a waste of time because they are going to do what they want.

Until the people do something about “The Dallas Way” we will continue to be a mediocre city.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Kathy Nealy Cut Deal with FEDs.Took Stand Today

Kathy Nealy held her own while on the stand today. At time you could tell she did not want to say anything that was really going to hurt people, but the Government reminded her she had to give the testimony, it went with the deal.I knew Kathy would know not to get involved in anything involving Darren Reagan. I hate she was even trying to help now she will live with that "witness for the prosecution" label. What
I have heard so far from the direct feed from the Court room sounds very bad.Elected Officials acting and talking the way these people did just make you sick to the stomach. God I so respected Don Hill not in a million years could anyone have told me I would have heard the type of conversation on the types from Don Hill. i want this to be over. The defence lawyers ask such silky questions and make crazy comments to people on the witness stand. I would not hire them for traffic Court unless I have not see or heard from the best.Ted Stenike is good, Billy Ravkin is the best.

Black Brothers and Sisters Our Mayor Critized Obama

My Black Brothers and Sisters: the Dallas Morning News says " Leppert Criticized Obama Administration for not getting stimulant money into Dallas in a timely manner.
TX DOT Official said not true. White House says not true. I know City of Dallas got 11 million for housing and another 8 million to hire police. Someone should explain to Mayor Leppart the government process most Federal money is reimbursement grants, you spend ,request reimbursement and its put in your Bank account. The Feds don't just send an armored truck full of money and say help yourself.Mayor Leppart is accustom to the private sector and it just does not work that way with government money. In the private sector if a man says he has 500,00 dollars for your new building its put into escrow or in your bank at the time of the commitment, not so with the government, even at City hall it takes a good year to get a funding request done.

Now we love Willis Johnson and he loves Mayor Leppart and we Love Deputy Mayor Dwain Caraway for all his hard work , he is doing what a Council person should do and he loves the Mayor ,so both of these fine Brothers should inform the Mayor about Black voters in Dallas, Texas.
It does not matter how much you show up and show out when it comes to President Obama Black folk in Dallas are not going to take kind to anyone criticizing him, disagree with him yes, but criticize no!

I respect the Mayor and I would pull him aside and tell him, but he's not comfortable with the way I communicate.I'm from the old school and they did not teach me how to lie and make it feel good , nor did they teach me how to tell the same truth four different ways so it meant four things depending on who heard it.

Mayor Leppart seems comfortable talking with the Black Ivy League scholars unfortunately when I entered college UT Austin would not accept me because I was BLACK! No Ivy League for me , my good friend President Bush was an Ivy League
My father taught me the best survival tip for life: Be careful who you Pick as your "Fox Hole" buddy. I carry that one with me every day.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Never know How Good You Got It! til Is Until It's Gone

Never know how much I love , never know how much I care, never know how good you got it until it's gone "Little Willie John" that song is so true today.
Left to right. Lyra,Mayor Kirk,Ruthene Lister, Betty Culbreath, Senator West, Cheryl Brown, State Rep. Yvonne Davis. I know I killed Lyra name so sorry. Ron Kirk has not forgotten his world and Dallas. Ms. Ruthene is sick now but everyone else is doing fine.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Commissioners Court Knows Better !

Dallas County Commissioners Court Members know you cannot use federal forfeiture funds to fund items that have been a part of the General fund budget.The Court has used this same on other DA's and they have told them the same thing you can not use that money. Just as DISD tried to use federal grant funds to supplement general funds and were told no, the same goes with forfeiture money the Feds have guidelines for that money. The money is to enhance existing programs.

Government Elected Officials knew the tax base would decline this year, why did they not plan for this. Commissioner Court members make over $100,000 a year maintain two Offices and staffs why don't they close their Road and Bridge offices? Why don't they combine the Road and Bridge operation into one. Only Commissioner with County roads is District 3. Teflon Price's District. Commissioner could use their Road and Bridge funds to make up the difference.
Commissioner caused Parkland tax to go up with that Jail health mess , they are totally responsible for trying to hurt Jim Bowles, but the tax payers are paying for their mess. Parkland is now operating the Jail health and paying for it which is not the Hospital District responsibility, such bad government.Tax payers are not calling out Dallas Commissioners Court members for years of miss management. Maurine Dickey and Jim Foster had nothing to do with it when they took Office it was already done, one reason Jim Jackson is gone.

John Price is simply trying to hurt Craig with this public name calling, he would never have said Bill Hill former DA was in La-La land, but again Hill fired Mike Gillette upon taking office , Teflon Price wanted him gone, he's the guy who was prosecuting Price for rape until the complainant dropped charges after receiving death threats from unknown source's. Price did not even say Henry Wade "didn't grasp the inter working of his office and County Government" and he was over there sending innocent people to jail right and left and the Commissioner could do nothing to Mr. Wade, he would tell them where to go and quick.Price hated poor DA Mr.Vance and he was a nice guy but then again Mr. Vance's office prosecuted him also.Craig Watkins is a man and just like Henry Wade will not kiss Teflons ass to get along. Teflon Price can not stand for two Black men to be Downtown, he might as well come to grip with it because I place my bet on Watkins staying around if the choice for the voters is between Watkins and Price.

DMN (Palin group) Send Them To Death ROW !

Dallas Morning News editorial Board, again demonstrates why I named it Palin Group. Many days they speak as Palin thinks, out of touch with the real World and Dallas County.
Today they write, NFL boss wrong to reinstate dog-torturing QB, Michael Vick. While I think what Michael was involved in was a very bad situation, as an owner of two very lovely dogs which are family to me, I also understand how other animal lovers feel. The law prescribes the punishment time for crimes and the Judge follows that law.

The only purpose for prison sentence is to punish a person for a given crime. Michael was sentenced, served him time and was eligible in America to begin a new life after prison, the very same thing that Martha Stewart did. Martha Stewart returned to her same job even when she was on electronic monitor. Michael Vick could not do that because of a league rule imposed by the NFL and rightfully so.
Now the DMN, Palin group says Goodell was wrong for reinstating Vick, mind you he has not been hired by any team ,but the Palin Group say it’s wrong for him to be simply certified to work. In America work is a given right. Michael Vick by profession is a football player , he would naturally want to return to his former profession as did Martha Stewart. Michael Vick’s crime had nothing what so ever to do with neither his job nor his performance. If Vick had not been trying to help some “homeboys” who had no skills form a business he would not have been in trouble in the first place. Where Vick and party grew up dog and cock fighting was a sport so he could not have know the criminal aspects of it or he would not have named and registered the business, yes, he should have known or consulted legal guidance. I am not making Michael a victim just exposing another side of the picture. On the other hand Martha had plenty and was trying to get more or not lose any and properly educated and should have known better but did not care.

The NFL and Team Owners has long known when a young man Black or White comes from a low or modest income family and is showered with money upon entering the Professional area it causes a major life change. The first thing they do is try and help every hanger on from elementary school and the old neighborhood, then the family and etc.These kids and family know nothing about money management and the pit
falls it creates.
Where are the financial planners, investment bankers, accountants and life skill trainers? Where are the social workers to help walk them Thur the social changes, spiritual leader to introduce them to a community church? We could all help a young man when he first enters our community but the Team is so busy promoting him as a Star piece of meat that the Human side is lost. Who would not buy into thinking they are the best Thing since Dixie Crystal with all that?

I took from the DMN Editorial, Close all prisons to athletics, when an athlete is convicted of a crime send him/her to Death row. No need for probation, appeal or any other action because they should not be granted a right to work in their given professions after paying their debt to Society, because they horrified and embarrassed a group of people, who if we had a magnifying glass could find them (the group)horrifying and embarrassing some of us all the time.

Oh! How we Judge others and think we know it all. The Media has become a one sided
jaded form of communication. Once upon a time I trusted what I read and heard on the news, No more. I trust certain media people and what they write or report.