Saturday, August 01, 2009

DMN (Palin group) Send Them To Death ROW !

Dallas Morning News editorial Board, again demonstrates why I named it Palin Group. Many days they speak as Palin thinks, out of touch with the real World and Dallas County.
Today they write, NFL boss wrong to reinstate dog-torturing QB, Michael Vick. While I think what Michael was involved in was a very bad situation, as an owner of two very lovely dogs which are family to me, I also understand how other animal lovers feel. The law prescribes the punishment time for crimes and the Judge follows that law.

The only purpose for prison sentence is to punish a person for a given crime. Michael was sentenced, served him time and was eligible in America to begin a new life after prison, the very same thing that Martha Stewart did. Martha Stewart returned to her same job even when she was on electronic monitor. Michael Vick could not do that because of a league rule imposed by the NFL and rightfully so.
Now the DMN, Palin group says Goodell was wrong for reinstating Vick, mind you he has not been hired by any team ,but the Palin Group say it’s wrong for him to be simply certified to work. In America work is a given right. Michael Vick by profession is a football player , he would naturally want to return to his former profession as did Martha Stewart. Michael Vick’s crime had nothing what so ever to do with neither his job nor his performance. If Vick had not been trying to help some “homeboys” who had no skills form a business he would not have been in trouble in the first place. Where Vick and party grew up dog and cock fighting was a sport so he could not have know the criminal aspects of it or he would not have named and registered the business, yes, he should have known or consulted legal guidance. I am not making Michael a victim just exposing another side of the picture. On the other hand Martha had plenty and was trying to get more or not lose any and properly educated and should have known better but did not care.

The NFL and Team Owners has long known when a young man Black or White comes from a low or modest income family and is showered with money upon entering the Professional area it causes a major life change. The first thing they do is try and help every hanger on from elementary school and the old neighborhood, then the family and etc.These kids and family know nothing about money management and the pit
falls it creates.
Where are the financial planners, investment bankers, accountants and life skill trainers? Where are the social workers to help walk them Thur the social changes, spiritual leader to introduce them to a community church? We could all help a young man when he first enters our community but the Team is so busy promoting him as a Star piece of meat that the Human side is lost. Who would not buy into thinking they are the best Thing since Dixie Crystal with all that?

I took from the DMN Editorial, Close all prisons to athletics, when an athlete is convicted of a crime send him/her to Death row. No need for probation, appeal or any other action because they should not be granted a right to work in their given professions after paying their debt to Society, because they horrified and embarrassed a group of people, who if we had a magnifying glass could find them (the group)horrifying and embarrassing some of us all the time.

Oh! How we Judge others and think we know it all. The Media has become a one sided
jaded form of communication. Once upon a time I trusted what I read and heard on the news, No more. I trust certain media people and what they write or report.

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