Friday, August 07, 2009

Black Brothers and Sisters Our Mayor Critized Obama

My Black Brothers and Sisters: the Dallas Morning News says " Leppert Criticized Obama Administration for not getting stimulant money into Dallas in a timely manner.
TX DOT Official said not true. White House says not true. I know City of Dallas got 11 million for housing and another 8 million to hire police. Someone should explain to Mayor Leppart the government process most Federal money is reimbursement grants, you spend ,request reimbursement and its put in your Bank account. The Feds don't just send an armored truck full of money and say help yourself.Mayor Leppart is accustom to the private sector and it just does not work that way with government money. In the private sector if a man says he has 500,00 dollars for your new building its put into escrow or in your bank at the time of the commitment, not so with the government, even at City hall it takes a good year to get a funding request done.

Now we love Willis Johnson and he loves Mayor Leppart and we Love Deputy Mayor Dwain Caraway for all his hard work , he is doing what a Council person should do and he loves the Mayor ,so both of these fine Brothers should inform the Mayor about Black voters in Dallas, Texas.
It does not matter how much you show up and show out when it comes to President Obama Black folk in Dallas are not going to take kind to anyone criticizing him, disagree with him yes, but criticize no!

I respect the Mayor and I would pull him aside and tell him, but he's not comfortable with the way I communicate.I'm from the old school and they did not teach me how to lie and make it feel good , nor did they teach me how to tell the same truth four different ways so it meant four things depending on who heard it.

Mayor Leppart seems comfortable talking with the Black Ivy League scholars unfortunately when I entered college UT Austin would not accept me because I was BLACK! No Ivy League for me , my good friend President Bush was an Ivy League
My father taught me the best survival tip for life: Be careful who you Pick as your "Fox Hole" buddy. I carry that one with me every day.

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