Friday, August 28, 2009

Ron Price ! You Mean Well ,but What About?

Dear Ron Price, he really means well, I think ? I am not sure if he was trying to make points with Hispanic community with his Sotomayor school naming or just out of touch. The Hispanic on that Board have constantly voted against the Blacks. The Hispanics have no love, or respect for the Blacks or Whites .They only think Hispanic. I have lived in Dallas for 60 years. Seven (7) years I was in Nacogodoches trying to save the world. I have never witness such lack of concern for other races of people as I have with this current crop of Hispanic Leaders.

I grew up working with Hispanic people at that time they were White but we worked side by side. I road the bus down Harry Hines and would love to see my bus mates from Crozier Tech board the bus for our fun ride and sad to see them get off.
I have known and worked with most Hispanic that were involved with the Civil Rights movement. Billy Medina the first Hispanic supervisor with the War on Poverty all of use respected each other.
We would eat lunch down behind the new police station at the Mexican soul food cafe,stop in Little Mexico and buy cookies from the Mexican drive in. What has happen to the real Hispanics that wanted fairness for all people? Where are people like Poncho who fought for right regardless to color. I don't mean people holding grudges for some past deed by some greedy Politician.Mexican in this region come from the darkest of Africa not Spain.

Please will the real Hispanics, Mexicans, Latino or what ever, stand up and help stop this Black ,Brown hate. If we don't we will all lose. You might have the numbers ,but numbers are not the only ingredient needed to be successful, if they were, Mexico would be a lot better and its Citizens would not be looking for a new home.Let's make up our minds to be better people and stop the Race war between Races. Please I beg.

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