Friday, August 07, 2009

Kathy Nealy Cut Deal with FEDs.Took Stand Today

Kathy Nealy held her own while on the stand today. At time you could tell she did not want to say anything that was really going to hurt people, but the Government reminded her she had to give the testimony, it went with the deal.I knew Kathy would know not to get involved in anything involving Darren Reagan. I hate she was even trying to help now she will live with that "witness for the prosecution" label. What
I have heard so far from the direct feed from the Court room sounds very bad.Elected Officials acting and talking the way these people did just make you sick to the stomach. God I so respected Don Hill not in a million years could anyone have told me I would have heard the type of conversation on the types from Don Hill. i want this to be over. The defence lawyers ask such silky questions and make crazy comments to people on the witness stand. I would not hire them for traffic Court unless I have not see or heard from the best.Ted Stenike is good, Billy Ravkin is the best.

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