Friday, August 28, 2009

Edward Kennedy What A Man

There is really nothing I can say but Ted Kennedy gave all to serve his community.
I will miss him ,America will miss his and the people who needed his voice will miss him.

When I think of what the Kennedy family has given for the good of Mankind .It sicken me every time I read or see this foolishness being done by Black Elected Officials. If not for a few Good Kennedy men ,they would not have the opportunity to serve their communities. If not for Paul Ragsdale ,J.B Jackson and others. What do they show in return, how to rob, steal and forget about the people. I am not saying they are guilty ,but they should not even be in a position to spend one day in Court trying to prove they are Innocent. All should be above the pack.

God be with us, we need you more then ever.

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