Saturday, August 01, 2009

Commissioners Court Knows Better !

Dallas County Commissioners Court Members know you cannot use federal forfeiture funds to fund items that have been a part of the General fund budget.The Court has used this same on other DA's and they have told them the same thing you can not use that money. Just as DISD tried to use federal grant funds to supplement general funds and were told no, the same goes with forfeiture money the Feds have guidelines for that money. The money is to enhance existing programs.

Government Elected Officials knew the tax base would decline this year, why did they not plan for this. Commissioner Court members make over $100,000 a year maintain two Offices and staffs why don't they close their Road and Bridge offices? Why don't they combine the Road and Bridge operation into one. Only Commissioner with County roads is District 3. Teflon Price's District. Commissioner could use their Road and Bridge funds to make up the difference.
Commissioner caused Parkland tax to go up with that Jail health mess , they are totally responsible for trying to hurt Jim Bowles, but the tax payers are paying for their mess. Parkland is now operating the Jail health and paying for it which is not the Hospital District responsibility, such bad government.Tax payers are not calling out Dallas Commissioners Court members for years of miss management. Maurine Dickey and Jim Foster had nothing to do with it when they took Office it was already done, one reason Jim Jackson is gone.

John Price is simply trying to hurt Craig with this public name calling, he would never have said Bill Hill former DA was in La-La land, but again Hill fired Mike Gillette upon taking office , Teflon Price wanted him gone, he's the guy who was prosecuting Price for rape until the complainant dropped charges after receiving death threats from unknown source's. Price did not even say Henry Wade "didn't grasp the inter working of his office and County Government" and he was over there sending innocent people to jail right and left and the Commissioner could do nothing to Mr. Wade, he would tell them where to go and quick.Price hated poor DA Mr.Vance and he was a nice guy but then again Mr. Vance's office prosecuted him also.Craig Watkins is a man and just like Henry Wade will not kiss Teflons ass to get along. Teflon Price can not stand for two Black men to be Downtown, he might as well come to grip with it because I place my bet on Watkins staying around if the choice for the voters is between Watkins and Price.

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