Monday, July 27, 2009

Not Race! It's That "Y" Thing.

Not Race! It’s the “Y” thing

Race is not problem it’s that “Y” thing. The President of the US was wrong in making a comment on the Gates/Police situation. President Obama should have simply said it’s a local issue. I am indeed pleased that his wife and friends close to him that really care about him ,and not what he can do for them, told him he was wrong and he tried to correct his statement. I don’t think he is yet aware of how his words make a difference.

The “Y” chromosome in men makes them do crazy things. Professor Gates was so into who he is was outraged that a Police would have the nerve to ask him for his identification. When he presented his Harvard ID he felt that was enough and should speak for it self, Officer Crowley knows there are hundreds of those floating around and wanted something with the house address on it. The “Y” thing made the whole incident go overboard. Gates overreacted, Officer Crowley being a police was not about to take that conversation, when all he was doing was his job trying to protect property and stop a crime.
That “Y” thing caused Gates go to Jail and cause all this mess for Officer Crowley and President Obama.

Men please remember you have that “Y” thing, in your system; you must control it at all cost.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Press Conference Will Now Save College!

I am happy to see Black Elected Officials gather in harmony any day. However it's a little late for Paul Quinn. Board Leadership has been the problem for Paul Quinn since Heck was a pup.Men who could master a pulpit and make people shout with joy for Jesus Christ , have run the school into ruin.

The Black Colleges were born out of need ,during a time when Black young people could not attend White schools.Black's as a whole had less then but performed better.
How could a few Church people organize a College, educated young adults with less and today this same group of people cannot manage with the help of Government,donations ,community help and etc.

The majority community must wonder, why are these same people whining about the same
situation year after year and nothing gets better it continues to be worst. Comer did his best ,he invested his money buying that property when others were standing around making empty promises.The buildings from the outside look the same, last time I was in the Hall for an event it was still hot, there is a new wonderful sign with
the school name which any institution needs.
Thanks Michael Sorrell you have given your all and more but you cannot do it alone.This Community is just tired, we care but we've been doing this for, I know 30 years.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Bishop Gregory Ingram What Seed Have you Sowed?

If This Document contain miss spelled words or any other error correct them in your mind:

Letter to the Editor

Dear Mr. Blair,
I read your column in volume 49 edition 28 with remarks by Bishop Gregory G.M. Ingram, Presiding Prelate of the African Methodist Episcopal, 10Th District. Mr. Blair I was shocked to see this man in an African American news paper asking Black Church People to Sow a Seed.

The African Methodist Episcopal 10Th District owned a Church property at 1626 Bar Harbor Dr, Dallas, Texas 75232. The beautiful home had been the residence home for the Presiding Bishop. Twenty five years the home served the Bishops and accommodated District activities. Bishop Bryant a most wonderful man and wife had just lived in the home.

When Ingram was appointed Bishop over this District, which was a promotion for him, he and his wife visited the home and refused to spend one night there. Ingram stayed in a hotel until a house could be found in North Dallas good enough for him. I called the District office and ask why Bishop Ingram did not want to live in the Southern Sector, and Oak Cliff. I was informed that the Bishop did not like the area, and he needed a bigger and better house, and of course the Church was paying for the new house. The house on Bar Harbor did not sell soon as the Church needed the money, because they didn’t have cash to pay for Ingram’s new house; the church took a lost on 1626 house so they could get Ingram out of that hotel.
All this time Paul Quinn was drowning and the man in charge of the District that oversees the school was spending church money living high on the hog, that church money could have gone to the school. If Bishop Ingram and his wife are too good for Oak Cliff that they would not spend one night in a fully furnished house, how can I give one dime to anything that Ingram has to do with? Paul Quinn is located in Oak Cliff, the students live in Oak Cliff but the man in charge will not spend one night in Oak Cliff. Where is God in all this?

I cleaned up Bishop College, I went back and cleaned up Paul Quinn, I worked on getting ac working at Paul Quinn. I have made contribution to Paul Quinn while at the same time I contribute to my Alma Mata Huston Tillotson University in Austin.

Bishop Gregory G.M. Ingram a Negro from Detroit has the nerve to dislike Oak Cliff so bad he would not sleep out here, will never receive one dime from me for anything.
I do respect Michael Sorrel and what he has tried to do at the College, I feel for the students but with Leadership on the Board with the mind set of Bishop Ingram nothing will change with all the money in the world.

Dallas Texas, White and Black, City and Corporate community, Churches’ and other groups have supported Bishop and Paul Quinn colleges to no avail. It is time to call the question.
Thanks to Senator West the students do have another school in walking distance to attend and receive an education.

All events are correct to my knowledge some are my opinion.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Wanted: Non Profit Group Needs Donated RV !

Non Profit group needs RV new or used to operate as Mobil clinic.Many elderly people can not ride public transportation and many others have no cars. The group can not perform this service from cars because utilities are needed for test and keeping med.
in refrigerator.The group will also do Kidney screen to prevent CKD. Chronic Kidney Disease.

If you would like to donate RV or need additional information please contact: I will put you in contact with the group.The donation is fully tax deductible.

Great Woman and Friends Funeralized in same week .

I attended the funeral service of two very good woman and hard workers in our Community. Ms. Tommie Lackey Franklin was a woman who trained young people. A gentleman that had been in her teen group years ago came to the service and he was a living testimony of what happen when a child has a role model and someone who care about their future.Ms. Franklin helped thousands of young people follow the right path.

Sue Daniels was another hard working in the grass roots of politics,she was the same Sue everyday, her husband Don would do what ever she ask. I will miss Sue the way she would put her hands on my cheeks and say 'oh Betty how are you'.
Rest in Peace Ms. Franklin and Sue you did your job very well.

Sara Palin's 'higher calling' !

Sara Palin's higher calling is money. Sister Palin saw first hand how it feels to wear fine fabric, Italian leather, silky, silk body lotions and sleep in beds with 500 thread sheets and feather pillows.
As Governor the money is not great and with a family to support she needs to make money. What is her speaking fee now? Ten to twenty five thousand per night with all expense paid.
My Father was a world war vet and an Eisenhower Republican, his bones or dust from his bones must me swirling in his grave to think Palin and Rush (drug addicted talk show host)are the new Voices of the Republican Party.This woman is so ill prepared for national politics. The Press will eat her alive.Ms. Palin is stubborn and thinks she knows it all and in the pass would not listen to other Media professionals.She is so angry with the Press and blames them for her lost. This woman really believed she was going to be VP of the United States of America.IT"s one thing to know you are not the sharpest knife in the drawer and get a break to be in a position to excel , but to think you are there because of qualification and deserve the position
is crazy. I am happy for the people of Alaska.

Michael Jackson Dead from Broken Heart and Dreams

Michael Jackson Death of a Broken Heart.

To be blessed with God given talent ,family, money and fame and yet so tormented with life , the only way you can sleep is have your body shut down so your mind can rest is the saddest reason a human would die in this age of modern medicine.
It always seemed that Michael suffered from some mental stress and grew strange after his skin disease was diagnosis people made fun of his skin turning white, which was so cruel.
Growing up in his father’s home The strict discipline of the Father, being next to the youngest child, the brothers jealous of his natural talent ,seeing his mother dominated by the father, being home all day with so many young kids, hearing the arguments of the parents severely damaged Michael Jackson. A few years of good therapy and some mild medication to stop his mind from spinning like a top would have corrected his problem.
His will expresses he did not trust his family members, even now this poor man has not been buried because of family feud. The Father Joe is busy trying to capitalize on his death, his mother wanting to get Court papers over his Estate very first working day after his death and no one talking about his burial. I know his mother loved him but when will some person from that family show some real grief for Michael.

The fans loved him and God loves him. The stupid Police Chief or Mayor in Los Angles said on CNN “Jackson Family should be paying the City for security while they are paying 25,000.00 for a gold casket” how crazy. In a City of Famous people he should know about crowd control.
People are trying very hard to make Michael a dope addict, I know that the drug reported to have been found in his home are (Diprivan) not the type used to get high. The drug is given normally in an IV and it puts you in a coma like state, you feel no pain nor do you remember anything your mind is blank, when you wake up you do not feel any kind of high. Michael just wanted to rest his mind.

I will never believe Michael molested any child. He was searching for his childhood, he knew children are innocent and love you for who you are not what you have. Children don’t judge, complain or deceive. Michel loved the Peace being in the presence of innocent minds who loved the park games and rides he also enjoyed.

May Michael Jackson rest in Peace and enjoy the sleep of mind he so desperately sought.