Monday, July 13, 2009

Press Conference Will Now Save College!

I am happy to see Black Elected Officials gather in harmony any day. However it's a little late for Paul Quinn. Board Leadership has been the problem for Paul Quinn since Heck was a pup.Men who could master a pulpit and make people shout with joy for Jesus Christ , have run the school into ruin.

The Black Colleges were born out of need ,during a time when Black young people could not attend White schools.Black's as a whole had less then but performed better.
How could a few Church people organize a College, educated young adults with less and today this same group of people cannot manage with the help of Government,donations ,community help and etc.

The majority community must wonder, why are these same people whining about the same
situation year after year and nothing gets better it continues to be worst. Comer did his best ,he invested his money buying that property when others were standing around making empty promises.The buildings from the outside look the same, last time I was in the Hall for an event it was still hot, there is a new wonderful sign with
the school name which any institution needs.
Thanks Michael Sorrell you have given your all and more but you cannot do it alone.This Community is just tired, we care but we've been doing this for, I know 30 years.

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