Monday, July 27, 2009

Not Race! It's That "Y" Thing.

Not Race! It’s the “Y” thing

Race is not problem it’s that “Y” thing. The President of the US was wrong in making a comment on the Gates/Police situation. President Obama should have simply said it’s a local issue. I am indeed pleased that his wife and friends close to him that really care about him ,and not what he can do for them, told him he was wrong and he tried to correct his statement. I don’t think he is yet aware of how his words make a difference.

The “Y” chromosome in men makes them do crazy things. Professor Gates was so into who he is was outraged that a Police would have the nerve to ask him for his identification. When he presented his Harvard ID he felt that was enough and should speak for it self, Officer Crowley knows there are hundreds of those floating around and wanted something with the house address on it. The “Y” thing made the whole incident go overboard. Gates overreacted, Officer Crowley being a police was not about to take that conversation, when all he was doing was his job trying to protect property and stop a crime.
That “Y” thing caused Gates go to Jail and cause all this mess for Officer Crowley and President Obama.

Men please remember you have that “Y” thing, in your system; you must control it at all cost.

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