Sunday, July 05, 2009

Sara Palin's 'higher calling' !

Sara Palin's higher calling is money. Sister Palin saw first hand how it feels to wear fine fabric, Italian leather, silky, silk body lotions and sleep in beds with 500 thread sheets and feather pillows.
As Governor the money is not great and with a family to support she needs to make money. What is her speaking fee now? Ten to twenty five thousand per night with all expense paid.
My Father was a world war vet and an Eisenhower Republican, his bones or dust from his bones must me swirling in his grave to think Palin and Rush (drug addicted talk show host)are the new Voices of the Republican Party.This woman is so ill prepared for national politics. The Press will eat her alive.Ms. Palin is stubborn and thinks she knows it all and in the pass would not listen to other Media professionals.She is so angry with the Press and blames them for her lost. This woman really believed she was going to be VP of the United States of America.IT"s one thing to know you are not the sharpest knife in the drawer and get a break to be in a position to excel , but to think you are there because of qualification and deserve the position
is crazy. I am happy for the people of Alaska.

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