Thursday, February 19, 2009

President Obama and I know We are Not Monkeys ! You Should Too.

How could any Black person think a cartoon depicting a Chimpanzee being shot is linked to President Obama?

Why do Black people think that a monkey automatically reference us? I am no monkey and did not come from the animal family. I see nothing racist about the cartoon or stereotypes blacks as monkeys.

President Obama is the best looking President America ever had. John Kennedy is the next best. President Obama has a very well built body and that walk is to die for. The man is handsome, smart, well educated and genius. The Presidents belief for the recovery of this Country gives him a smile and peacefulness of a Saint. I know he’s not but when I try and find a word to describe his appearance all I can think is saintly.

The Presidents affection for his wife and children is genuine it come out all over the place.

How in the hell could Sen. Eric Adams or anyone think this man comes close to being a monkey?
Black people Obama is President of the United States of America. That means he is fair game for all. Public figures do not get to pick and chose what people think or say about them. Lies are told rumors are started and most of the time its nothing. We as a race need to treat President Obama as all other Presidents are, with support when he right and speak out when he’s wrong. The other races of people who helped elect Obama to Office will soon not want to deal with another Black man for national office if every single thing said or done will be called racist. The shoe thrown at President Bush was racist but no one called it.
President Obama has enough to deal with please let us stop playing the race card and work to make this Country better.

Lynn Flint-Shaw Lived and Served her Community.

Good evening my Friend, you did live and serve your Community. Job well done. I think about you each day. I miss your voice, I miss seeing you driving down the street. Thanks for the beautiful book you sent during my illness. Ian misses you,but your direction from day one to him will help him cope. I still can not believe you are gone, I keep thinking you will return from a long trip but I know you won't.Bye
for now friend. Time will heal our wound and we will move on remembering your good deeds.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Why The Fuss over Kwame Kilpatrick in North Texas?

What's the fuss over former Mayor Kilpatrick moving to North Texas? He is welcome here. North Texas is full of Ex-Felons so one more will not hurt us. If Martha Stewart moved here would anyone care. Kwame went to jail for telling a lie about an affair, he is married and most married men lie about their affairs. What he did as an elected Official was wrong. A second chance at life is a God given right.

Bob Hayes Rest In Peace

It's a shame that Bob's family is acting like they have not know that Ms. Hester has been fighting this Hall of Fame battle for years.Everyone who knew Bob knows he died without money.Ms. Hester has been around for years I met her when Bob was released from prison.Dallas Cowboys and Hall of Fame please allow Ms. Hester to proceed with the honor. The note they claim was poorly written hell Bob did not write or spell good , he played football good. There is no money for those fools that Bob helped when he was playing.They think there is money from the Hall of Fame for them. God bless Bob Hayes.

Monday, February 02, 2009

DHA New Leadership Three Big Blunders

Dallas Morning News Editorial Board (The Palin Group) /James Ragland and Others. Hounded the Mayor until he appointed new Leadership to the Dallas Housing Authority Board. Sure have gotten a dozy of new Leadership. The Dallas Morning News Editorial even questions the wisdom of appointing Terdema Ussery but said he should bring the financial wisdom to the organization. First off Terdema is a fine fellow and has moved up in the Maverick organization, he is a contract manager and negotiator. Mr.Ussery works in an environment with little governance and regulatory control.
Mr. Ussery also works with an Owner with never ending money and he does not use HUD money with Federal regulation. The Owner even had his own Federal regulation problems lately. There is a big difference in Public and Private funding.

The new Leadership has already made three big errors:

1, changing the Board members names and pictures in the 2007-2008 Annual report, after being advised by staff not to. The Annual Report covered activities performed under the old Board members and should have reflected that, the new Board will appear in the 2009 Annual report.

2, when interviewing the candidates for the President/CEO position the New Leadership called in the Director of HR a subordinate of the intrim President/CEO who they were interviewing and ask her about his Qualification for the job. The Board did not call any other HR director of the other candidates. How can you ask a subordinate to judge the qualification of her Boss? Maybe they do that in the NBA but not in the real world.

3, Chairman Ussery has named seven people to his advisory committee. All are nice people but none have any knowledge of Public housing and none represent the interest of the Residents. Three are builders/developers one of which has a contractual relationship with DHA which is clearly a conflict, the other a sports and entertainment guy, college chancellor who also has contractual contact with DHA, PR firm owner. Not one person who has contact with the community that they serve. HUD/ Mike Daniels will have a ball with this group if anything they recommend to the Board is done. The new President has already said before one day in the Office she wants to inventory DHA assets.
I would hope she would first want to see first how far the Agency has come with the OIG audits.

I will keep reporting on the updates. Ms Russ does know HUD she worked with the Clinton administration in HUD. I just hope the politicians will not try and run the agency into the ground with a fight over little Mexico. Mr. Ussery will have another conflict with that property since the AAC is in the 200 foot notification of the Little Mexico property.