Thursday, February 19, 2009

President Obama and I know We are Not Monkeys ! You Should Too.

How could any Black person think a cartoon depicting a Chimpanzee being shot is linked to President Obama?

Why do Black people think that a monkey automatically reference us? I am no monkey and did not come from the animal family. I see nothing racist about the cartoon or stereotypes blacks as monkeys.

President Obama is the best looking President America ever had. John Kennedy is the next best. President Obama has a very well built body and that walk is to die for. The man is handsome, smart, well educated and genius. The Presidents belief for the recovery of this Country gives him a smile and peacefulness of a Saint. I know he’s not but when I try and find a word to describe his appearance all I can think is saintly.

The Presidents affection for his wife and children is genuine it come out all over the place.

How in the hell could Sen. Eric Adams or anyone think this man comes close to being a monkey?
Black people Obama is President of the United States of America. That means he is fair game for all. Public figures do not get to pick and chose what people think or say about them. Lies are told rumors are started and most of the time its nothing. We as a race need to treat President Obama as all other Presidents are, with support when he right and speak out when he’s wrong. The other races of people who helped elect Obama to Office will soon not want to deal with another Black man for national office if every single thing said or done will be called racist. The shoe thrown at President Bush was racist but no one called it.
President Obama has enough to deal with please let us stop playing the race card and work to make this Country better.

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