Monday, December 28, 2009

What Is Wrong with Victory Park? I'll Tell You !

I spent the better part of Saturday looking at Victory Park, I went there with a Friend ,who is a genius in locating good business area for various types of people oriented establishments.With my zoning experience we made a good pair to asses the development for free and without it costing us millions.
First and foremost the project is facing the Freeway,where people can see the tall building,but cannot identify what they are,and if they could,there are no exits to directly connect to the development.The retail on ground level is not visible from any place,unless you are in the development,and that's a one way street. Buildings are bland no warmth,just cement and silver. One housing high rise calls itself The House, who will pay 1/4 million to live at the House.The name sounds like a boot legged house in the woods in East Texas.Shops and restaurants all same store front,prices to high for merchandise, no natural foot traffic.Sun shine on store front has glare making it hard to see items in display window.Parking on both sides of street in front of some stores make street narrow,and residents or Thur traffic drives very fast,leaves little time to view display windows from car.
AA Center design and color does not fit other modern design buildings,people leaving AA center go out into Street and parking lots, not flow into retail center,in fact you can't see them from AA center exit.There are some other minor things,there are changes that could be made to make the area more viable and fun.Maybe someone should call me and I'll tell you what he said, or you may hire him to turn that Development
around and tie all the entertainment District together ,so downtown Dallas will be a fun place to visit and primary destination for residents who enjoy a night out.

Monday, December 21, 2009

All I Want for Christmas !

God has blessed me with the Best Present of my life. My wonderful Son celebrates 2 years of sobriety.This is our first Christmas in some years that we will spend together,him being sober and free.Me, just Happy.

If Santa Clause just wants me to have something, he can bring me a ,Class A motor home to use for an outreach ministry in Dallas County.

Secondly he could drop off a Black S 430,black interior, sunroof top,Mercedes Benz.
I thank God for my paid for red F150 ford pick up truck, it's kind of hard being my wonderful age climbing up into it,I do what I need to do.I gave my Son the car i owned for transportation to work.

So if anyone has an extra Benz or Class A they are not using and need a tax deduction
bring it over.

Happy Holiday Season To All!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Main Stream Media/ Surfing Blogs

I started blogging in 2006 as I recovered from a near death experience.Blogging was fun and it was a way regular people spoke to one another or expressed an opinion in a funny way.Blogging was never meant to replace professional journalist or media outlets. I was very comfortable writing how I felt and not checking for errors because it was a blog, kind of like (pig language).When I become angry about a subject,I often blog on instinct and mess up the English language, it has all been fun. Never new anyone would judge my intellect with a blog. Well I have come to realize that my whole professional career is now being judged by my blogs and how well they are written.

Ms. Jewel P.Ross is kicking me from her grave, she was my Teacher in my accelerated English studies class at Booker T. Washington High,Dr.Rideout is also trying to come back and slap me, my English Professor in college.You see people they did teach me English/grammar/spelling and every other subject I needed to excel.I did learn what they taught. I come from very good genes.

Along my 48 year career ,I used what they taught me, the further up the career ladder I climbed,the less I had to type my own work.I forgot reporters do their own typing,no Secretary. Assistant's really do the work for Administrators and for the past 35 years I had the best.In fact Evelyn Johnson went on to work for Rudy Radmas, now Dallas County and my last Assistant ,is still working for Dallas County Ya Monica Flemmings.Monica is so good all I had to do was tell her what I wanted to said,the message I wanted to convey and when I received the document it was ready for signature. When I prepare professional documents since my retirement I always have them proofed. I'm sure at times I could pay more attention to what I write on a blog, but it was just a blog until DMN started reading mine and copying it into their newspaper and others followed. Tray Garrison knows me and Dear guy he tried to defend me, but the Tray lovers took on the cause , Rod D put it on religious blog page, and some one on there called me a Democrat. he of all people call me illiterate-wacko, I might be wacko but far from illiterate. I am not a professional journalist and if they want to reprint my blogs they should proof them. The DMN wants so bad to make me look bad,but how can they? I am 68 years old,born in Dallas ,lived here all my life until I spent a few years working in East Texas, everyone here knows me, my work and professional ability.Editorial Board personnel go and come.The old timers are all gone this new crew thinks a little different.In the past people in positions were all afraid of the Editorial Board, I didn't even know why.It took County Judge Lee Jackson at the time, to inform me of the importance of the Editorial Board in Dallas.I still didn't have sense to be afraid or care about what the Editorial Board though about me.I had never been invited nor spoken to them,didn't know they were talking about me to other people.However I quickly found out about the Editorial Board when they came gunning for me after Mayor Miller was no longer in office.Mayor Miller was one of them(journalist) so they new she was not afraid of them,however the New Mayor came into office with the Editorial Board being the opinion of choice.
The ED got me back with the DHA ouster,City Council race and a few other things ,God is good I am still not afraid of the "Palin" group ,maybe I should be.I never will unless they are put over the Texas retirement system and Social Security or take over distribution of Judge Judy and Judge Mathis shows.

Southern sector Leadership Working Good!

I want to my myself very clear, when I speak of Southern Sector leadership it most often is about the ones who have local authority to make our quality of life better.
The Officials at the State level are working their best for us and the people of the State. I know we elect them, however they must do what is in the best interest of the entire State. I've had some problems with some of what they have done , for the most part they are serving us well in Austin.They work,meet with community,send newsletters and answer calls. They also write bills and get them passed, that's the job they signed on to,some go beyond that an example Senator Royce West has been successful in bringing UNT and UNT law schools to Dallas he gets an A for that.
State Rep.Helen Giddings is working very well for her constituent and helping to save Paul Quinn college,lending her name gave the school the needed credibility to jump start its fund raising and reduce the Governing Board which has proven to be the number one problem.I don't think when Rep.Giddings sponsored the Dallas County water bill ,she knew Commissioner John Wiley Price would use the bill to try and rule over the water rights for private businesses and others, hurting growth in the South.Rep.Yvonne is working hard also,but she sometimes have strange opinions on issue at least she responds.I ask Rep.Davis to support a application for EB-5 to have a North Texas Regional Center which would encourage Chinese investors to build and create jobs in South Dallas,her response was she could not because of the immigration issues.I understand and respect her decision,but the US has borrowed money from the Chinese so what could be the problem with them building job for Southern sector people? I also did not like her strategy on the UNT law school some time ago.Rep.Barbara Caraway is also a good worker always has been on issues she support,is independent on her issues. Rep.Terri Hodge is also a good worker has gotten a lot done in her job and is very aggressive on issues she's involved with.Rep.Hodge has done more to help ex offenders than anyone I know other then Whitmire of Houston.I cannot support her this time because of the pending trial,I realize she has not been found guilty of anything and is innocent until such time as she goes to Court and found innocent of gulity.If we are ever to be taken serious as a people we must respect the rules of our justice system,and a grand jury indictment means a body of citizens has said there is enough evidence of guilt to stand trial,I believe in the Grand Jury system.Congress woman Eddie B. Jonson is very good in her job and works very hard and is respected on the Hill in DC.

So now you know ,I am very satisfied with our State Elected Officials and the School Board which now include Ms.Nuttall, thank you Ron for your pass service.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Tiger the Asian Golfer/Tales of Wife & Women

Well when Tiger,s father was living he did not want to be Black,I wonder how that made his Father feel? Tiger living in America did not want that Black burden.Funny how President Obama wore his with Pride and Tiger,his with regret.Just as OJ had escaped his Blackness and moved into the White World so has Tiger Woods.Tiger didn't
even cheat with Black.Tiger married a medium income Swedish woman who was employed as his golfer Buddy's nanny. The Media wants him to have a disorder, sex addiction,I believe he has an addiction but not sex its prescription drugs.If you watch him sitting Court side at any basketball games look at his eyes, they are glazed over.
The press never picked it up but after all, Asian Tiger would not be drug addicted,but he is.The typical addicted person is one who had surgery and continue to have pain medicine daily.The Doctor will refill the prescription as part of pain management and sleeping pills are a part of that therapy.The sleeping medication linked with Tiger is highly addictive,I had a very good friend on them and it took treatment to get her off. Many people are addicted to prescription drugs especially the Elderly.I will pray for Tiger to get help for his drug addiction, I could care less about his dysfunctional mixed race,don't want to be Black self. Let the chips fall where they may.