Monday, December 21, 2009

All I Want for Christmas !

God has blessed me with the Best Present of my life. My wonderful Son celebrates 2 years of sobriety.This is our first Christmas in some years that we will spend together,him being sober and free.Me, just Happy.

If Santa Clause just wants me to have something, he can bring me a ,Class A motor home to use for an outreach ministry in Dallas County.

Secondly he could drop off a Black S 430,black interior, sunroof top,Mercedes Benz.
I thank God for my paid for red F150 ford pick up truck, it's kind of hard being my wonderful age climbing up into it,I do what I need to do.I gave my Son the car i owned for transportation to work.

So if anyone has an extra Benz or Class A they are not using and need a tax deduction
bring it over.

Happy Holiday Season To All!

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