Friday, October 12, 2007

DISD / Residents Policy Needed !

What is wrong with people wanting to work and collect tax money from one group of Tax payers and take that money to pay another group of Taxpayers. Everyone who goes to work for DISD knows there is a resident policy if they want the job living in the District is part of the deal. Why would they accept the job and then start complaining about the policy. I pay tax to Dallas Schools , I have not had a child in Dallas school since 1980. I lived in Dallas but my child attended Richardson school. If an employee does not like Dallas to live then they should not earn Dallas money. Nothing is worst then a person who earns money from people they do not wish to live with. Dallas County has the policy and I lived by it for 20 years. The Board
should keep the policy in force. I do not know where Dr. Flores got the notion that the policy was for some diversity, all the black and brown people were living in Dallas at the time the policy was approved. It was about keeping Dallas tax money in Dallas and DISD employees being a part of the community.

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